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The Modern Lovers – “The Modern Lovers” (Sanctuary Music).

Jonathan Richman was the missing link between The Stooges & The New York Dolls – you could call him the bridge that led from 60s Garage Punk to 70s Proto Punk – I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

The Modern Lovers were discovered in the summer of 1972 by legendary producer & scene-stealer, Mr Kim Fowley. He happened across them performing in a Boston club whilst on tour to promote his “I’m Bad” LP. He immediately realised he’d found the future of rock n roll, “he (Jonathan) anticipated the entire punk movement that happened 4 years later”.

Fowley soon had The Modern Lovers in the can & was utterly convinced that world domination was only a matter of days away. Unfortunately the only guy to get it was Jack Nitzche – The Modern Lovers demo tapes were roundly rejected by every record company who heard them. Unperturbed, The Modern Lovers carried on regardless & following further sessions with John Cale & Fowley, eventually signed to Warner Brothers Music.

Amazingly, even with signatures in place, Warner Brothers still seemed somewhat reluctant to actually release “The Modern Lovers” & it eventually appeared on the fledgling Beserkley Records label in 1976. “Roadrunner” – with it’s ‘123456’ count in - appeared on the “Beserkley Chartbusters” LP in the UK in the same year & the cut immediately became a cult amongst nascent young Punks. The Modern Lovers had finally taken off.

“The Modern Lovers” has been unavailable on CD in the UK for sometime now. Vinyl re-pressings by the likes of Get Back Records have been the only way to access this seminal rock n roll artyfact. Thankfully that’s all behind us now as those lovely people at Sanctuary Music have finally gotten round to assembling this wonderfully worthy package.

As well as the original re-mastered LP we get 5 previously unreleased cuts plus 3 alternative versions & extensive sleeve notes courtesy of David Wells. The artwork has changed from the original black to a new purple affair – but don’t let that put you off – this is an exemplary release from one of the best re-release outfits currently operating in the UK.

“The Modern Lovers” is best operated alongside those early Fowley takes in the form of “The Original Modern Lovers”.

Marquee Smith – tMx 11 – 08/03

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