The Agenda
The Agenda
The Agenda – “Start The Panic”.

J.R. Suicide – Howl.
Ian The Face – Bass.
Digital Dan – Organ.
Switchbalde Steve – Bashing.
Ryan Riot – Guitar.

“Boredom is the rock that smashes the window of creative thought! We combat the boredom the only way we know how. With the power of young lust & rock n roll. We are the young men! We are the seekers of glory! We are the arrogant hooligans of chaos and disorder with the sonic boom of electric guitars! We want your panic baby! Yeah Yeah. We want you to be nervous! We are The Agenda”

Fuck me – The Agenda have more exciting sleeve notes than most groups have records.

Athens, Georgia, has previously been mostly associated with the kind of back porch down home stumbling practiced by Stipey, Bucky & pals. You know the sort of thing: introverted naval gazing dressed as stadium folk. Not any longer – The Agenda are here - & they’ve come for REM’s royalties.

“Start The Panic” kicks in with “Crash! Crash!”, a fucktastic great slab of pure MC5 made modern by the appliance of science. “I Want The Panic” takes the same template and stretches it way past The Make Up & all the way to 2003. “Out With The Old! In With The New!” is more insistent than a phalanx of Japanese tourists with a camera & a view. “Last Chance For Action” wears it’s love of a decent Keef riff plainly on it’s sleeve without going anywhere near that small town named Parody, CA. “Hit The Wall” surfs the same breaker the Stooges “TV Eye” rode in on – except at breakneck speed - & a broken neck is all your gonna get if you attempt this at home. “Hard Friends” is more fucked up surf music, with added keyboard interference. “50,000 Watts Of Love” is pure punk rock & roll. “Shake! Shake! Scream!” has more impetus than its title has exclamation marks - & a killer chorus. “No More Dancing” has a Monkees intro & a beat sensibility. “Hot Pants!” rocks a riff & a half all the way to the best chorus on the LP. “Burn It Again!” goes low down dirty for the finale & leaves you dripping with sweat & desperate to do it all again.

The Great Garage Scare (courtesy: Mike Stax) has thrown up (literally) more than its fair share of chancers in the last couple of years. Mr Billy Childish even has a collective noun for these type of groups: The Strives. The garage backlash is in full effect. What a perfect time for The Agenda to start the panic. Maybe its right to be nervous now, right Howard?

Marquee Smith – tMx11 – 08/03

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