Suburban Kid
suburban kid - i'd like to teach the world to sing...

Suburban Kid has recently returned from a round the world vinyl excursion that saw him forsake the beaches & tourist attractions of this globe & instead spend his time trawling the grubbier depths of the second hand record shops of the 1st, 2cnd & 3rd worlds.

It may not sound like a gas, gas, gas to you, you, you - but it keeps the boy happy - & happiness in next to godliness - which is next to a 7" 45 by some obscure group or other from 76-79 that you or I have never even heard of - such is life: a rich tapestry - made of vinyl...& paper/card.

So, baby, don earmuffs & flight jacket & hop aboard this trusty old crate & come with us to the land that record execs forgot - the world of the obscure import - & remember:

..everything's for sale, baby..

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