A Parade Of Dusty Old Record Sleeves.
A Parade Of Dusty Old Record Sleeves.

Welcome to tMx’s sporadic series celebrating the glorious halcyon days of the 7” 45 rpm disc. This Issue’s guest exhibitor is none other than Wrath Records head honco – the ubiquitous Steve Morricone. As we all know, Steve is not only a man of impeccable taste, but also the man responsible for unleashing the gallic beast that is: Les Flames.

So, come with us as we stroll through the record box that time forgot. If you see one you particularly admire – dally a while & simply press “PRINT”. You will shortly be the owner of one tMx Color Realtone artyfact which you can duly affix to the walls of your tenement slum with the aid of trusty old Blue Tack (giving visitors to your squalid little the abode the impression that you were actually somewhere once when it actually mattered).

a equals
Top tune from Mark P & the gang!

more prunes
If only they'll squeezed the life out of Jools Holland…

yo frank
Often on the same bill with Slaugher and the Dogs and Eater.

Woof woof!

Howard Devoto before he had his teeth done

My hearts in the - wrong one!

Rat at the end of his tether

posh artists
I want money - how we laughed…

iggy pop in the area
Mister Intense!

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