Gullibility. We all suffer from it from time to time. It’s THE 21st century disease – an affliction so damaging you don’t notice the money draining out of your bank account (if your lucky enough to have one, that is) or the hope fading from your heart (ditto).

Naivety. We are all guilty – culpable, even – compromised into an existence that was designed & concepted in a remote boardroom - some time ago. Co-erced? Con-cerned? Tell me about it – go on.

Disambiguating the mainstream is like trying to throw a banana at the moon – you can shoot as many times as you want - but you’re never going to get past the ozone layer. It’s there to protect us (read: stop us finding out).

We can tangibilize all we damn want – the picture still looks like it was photographed by Pollock using Dali’s digital camera. Obscurer & obscurer.

We clamour for clarity, demand demonstrations & pass up the right to vote (that our ancestors fought so gamely for) in the pathetic name of apathy. We are lazy, duplicitous, corrupt & in league.

There is no such thing as the Devil. God is NOWHERE – God is NOW HERE (copyright – Douglas Coupland).

Question all you have ever been taught (programmed). Search for the soul within the shopping bag inside your head. Cut off the logos & tags of the lame. Refuse to eat grass.

Punk was, & always will be, about individuality over the herd. Sticking out. Being a sore thumb. Don’t send us your pathetic attempts at parody – we laugh in the face of your bloated insincerity. We don’t want your dirty money & we don’t want your love. You have fuck all worth stealing.

Rock n roll models – live & learn fast – die old. That’s life. Make of it what you will. If I’m not very much mistaken – you only get 1.

Fuck the world – before it fucks you.

Marquee Smith – tMx11 – 09/03

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