Welcome to another issue of - & what a liver damaged selection of guitar abuse we have for you this fall. Estranged, hurt, confused & feeling very sorry for itself – but that’s enough about Encoule. The lazy bastard will always use absolutely any excuse to do as little as possible – but he’s always available for the awards ceremonies! Sound Familiar?

Anyway, it’s been down to me to pull this issue from the jaws of defeat & I sincerely hope you enjoy it more than you have enjoyed any of the previous shite we’ve fired at you over the last 2 & a bit years. To be honest, I feel I’m superior to Encoule in every way – so I hope you agree & read every damn word! (Remember – don’t be a twat & squint at a screen for hours sending yer phone bill through the roof – decide what you want to read - & print the fucker off. That’s the idea. It’s a FANZINE).

So, without further ado – here’s what 11 holds in store for you:

Leamington Spa’s finest, The Shapes, take us through their career with a microscope & a nitcomb. The Libertines are dissected & appraised. Scout Niblet is investigated by Nat Shooter. Dave Gingoblin brings you tales from the Turbonegro boat trip. The Electric Eels, The Hospitals, The Agenda & The Mars Volta prove there’s more to America than The Fuckin Strokes. Post Punk, The Modern Lovers, Sniffin’Glue & Sex. What more could yer average punk/punkette want from a humble periodical?

Like a badger stuffed with an elk – tMx 11 is bursting at the seems with anguish, angst, anger & ambiguity. Come with me now as I lead you by the is strong, man is stronger, women are even stronger & the truth conquers all.

That’s all you need to know.

Johnny Forgotten – Acting Editor – – 09/03
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