Les Flames
Les Flames
Les Flames

Allegedly French by birth, Les Flames re-located to Leeds in May 2002 to set about setting about a new UK audience with their Garlic tinged take on punk, rock & roll. The buzz was soon louder than a swarm of killer bees on crack & influential Manchester independent, Valentine Records, had very little choice but to secure the group’s signatures immediately.

Les Flames debut 45 – a split 7” with The Scaramanga Six – was a raging Gallic ditty entitled “Wrong” & has long since sold out. The group have constantly maximised this exposure with their eclectic live shows & a shedful of favourable reviews. Les Flames have recently “gone out with” mclusky, Hello Cuca, Reuben, The Parkinsons & Simple Kid, amongst others.

By November 2002 the buzz was so loud that Les Flames were invited to play an NME “On” night with Burning Brides.

Towards the end of 2002 Les Flames jumped ship from Valentine Records & secured a transfer to Wrath Records, but not before contributing the explosive “Disaster” to the Valentine Records Sampler LP. More shows were to follow, including prestige supports with the likes of The Souldad Brothers, Miss Black America, The 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Winnebago Deal, The Please, The Black Madonnas & Antihero.

Les Flames released their second 45, the stonking “Mutley 1 From Essex”/”Professional Stalker”, on May19th. This was rapidly followed by a split 45 with Little Japanese Toy, “Commitment To Excellence”, which has left scene watchers in no doubt that over-exposure to Les Flames could well result in 3rd degree burns & leave the listener requiring some pretty nifty plastic surgery. Get dirty with me, indeed.

This split 7” is the first in a series of singles known as the “Wrath Super Sevens” – more details from www.wrathrecords.co.uk

Sonically, Les Flames are as aware of early Damned as they are of The Stooges. They’ve obviously been doing their homework as well as rehearsing & writing. They also have a healthy disrespect for authority, as illustrated by the wonderful chorus to “Commitment To Excellence”, their finest moment to date:

“We’re not part of your new rock revolution.
We’re not down with your bullshit constitution,
& I say careless talk costs lives”

Les Flames are burning up the North & have designs on the safe, soft south. Bum a light off them before the queue is so long you won’t be able to get with in spitting distance. Les Flames – punk, rock & roll. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Marquee Smith – tMx10 – June 2003
Check it: www.wrathrecords.co.uk

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