Dufus Sign To Roir Records.

Seth from Dufus contacted us recently to tell us the band had signed to legendary NY label, Roir Records. We were so pleased & impressed we asked Seth to tell us all about it – he was so kind he did:

“a friend of mine from C Squat, the squat i was living in for a year or so in the lower east side of nyc gpt a hold of our most recent album 1:3:1 when we completed it (i was giving it out to everyone in the squat).he was showing it to a good friend of his that knew the manager for bad brains, anthony countey. he passed the cd along to anthony. anthony listened to it, liked it, and asked for me to contact him. eventually after months and months i did call him and invited him to a show we were playing at the Mercury Lounge in February. it actually wasnt one of our best shows, but he had brought Lucas Cooper from ROIR, and lucas loved it, but there was another label there, a subsidary of some major label...they had money and a room full of enticing guitars and distracted me from ROIR, but eventually i came around because i saw the connections between Csquat and roir to be a much better path. now we have come together, and it feels so good. they plan on doing a worldwide release of dufus 1:3:1 on, i believe, August 18, and we will be releasing another album with them, i believe, in February, that album is entitled "Ball of Design" and touches on a lot of what was and is happening in the US government and their foreign relations. the label is offering us a very fair deal and the band is playing better than ever now that we know it is going to be heard. we are planning a european tour in october and will be doing US tourdates more and more often as the year progresses.”

Seth/Dufus – tMx10 – July 2003
Check: www.roir-usa.com

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