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The Thermals

The renaissance at Sub Pop continues apace – following hot on the heels of the post punk new wave pop revivalism of Hot Hot Heat comes – erm - the post hard-core lo-fi pop revivalism of the Thermals: four emotionally compromised nu-shamblers out of Portland, Oregon.

Wearing their Sebadoh patches proudly on their GBV long sleeve tees, the Thermals sure know how to rattle proceedings along some: 13 tracks = 27 odd minutes. “More Parts Per Million” seems to gather momentum as it unfolds – like the band are keen to get to the end – maybe they’ve got something more interesting to do after the session ends.

The Thermals do concise very well. They have that www.alt.US/rock thing bugging along nicely. Add equal shots of both Pixies & early Pavement to the Sebadoh shapes being thrown onto the dimly lit wall behind the group & your evening’s entertainment is just about complete. Singer, Hutch Harris, has a worrying tendency to sound a bit too much like that twat out of Placebo, which does stop you clutching “More Parts Per Million” immediately to your chest & announcing you’re prepared to fight all comers for it, but it’s a close call.

“No Culture Icons” is the key here:

“Hardly art, hardly starving, hardly art, hardly garbage, hardly art, hardly started.. getting psyched on no culture icons”

“More Parts Per Million” is the kind of LP Sub Pop should release more of – it’s lo-fi punk rock pop – it’s why we fell in love with the label in the first place. So, if you’re reading this Mr Sub Pop – more Thermals, less art bollocks, cheers.

The Thermals will more than likely be over in the UK soon to support this release with a few live shows to promote it – not that we have any definite information along those lines, you understand – it’s just what bands do – part of the business, if you like. If you’re that keen, why not visit their website where Hutch, Kathy, Jordan & Ben will be more than happy to provide you with all the Thermals information your little heart desires.

So, it’s a happy day at Misery Ranch – your Sebadoh, Sentridoh & Playdough CDs have got a new title to sit next to them in the rack – oh joy of joys. Lou Barlow is more than likely imploding the Folk Implosion as we speak & dusting down the Marshalls for the mother of all reunions. You have been as warned as we’ve been warmed. Remember, if you get stuck you can just chuck them the fuck out.

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