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Vinyl Vendor.

Welcome to another new tMx feature. Vinyl Vendor is designed to enable our readers to trade vinyl & memorabilia without incurring advertising costs or pissing about for hours on Ebay bidding in vain for some vastly over-priced rarity or other that will go to the richest bidder in the end anyway.

Over the next few issues the idea is to expand the market place & link both buyers & sellers to the second hand network via tMx & our resident vinyl expert, Suburban Kid –

This issue’s inaugural list is posted by The Reverend P Dread –

The Reverend has an eclectic selection of vinyl treats in both 45 & 33 rpm formats. His cache does exceed the gear listed & interested punters are strongly advised to contact him directly for all business transactions.

Readers who wish to submit lists for future issues should send their document as a Word file marked “Vinyl Vendor” in the subject box together with their contact details to:

Jean Encoule – tMx10 – July 03

Artist Title Year Con Comments
999 Emergency/ My Street Stinks 78 Ex United Artits Pic Cover
999 Homocide/ Soldier 78 Ex United Artists Plain Cover
999 Nasty Nasty/ No Pity 77 Ex United Artists Pic Cover
Adam & The Antz Xerox/ 79 Vgc Pic Cover Do It Records
Adam &The Antz Dog Eat Dog/Physical(Your So) 80 Ex Pic Cover Cbs
Adverts No Time To Be 21/New Day Dawning 78? Ex Bright Records Pic Cover
Adverts Safety In Numbers/ We Wont Wait 77 Ex Pic Cover Anchor Records
Adverts One Chord Wonders/ Quick Step 77 Ex Writing On Label Stiff X2
Adverts Gary Gilmores Eyes/ A20 Bored Teenagers 77 Ex Pic Cover Anchor Records
Albertoos Trios Los Paranoias Heads Down No Nonsense Mindless Boogie/Fuck You /Dead Meat Pt2 78 Ex Double Gatefold Pic Sleeve Logo Records
Albertos Los Trios Paranoias Snuff Rock Ep Kill/Gobbing On Life/ Snuffing Like That/ Snuffing In A Babylon 77 Vgc Stiff Records Pic Cover
Art Attacks I Am A Dalek/ Neutron Bomb 78 Ex Albatross Pic Cover
Atv How Much Longer/ You Bastard 77 Ex Deptford Fun City Records Pic Cover
B52’s Rock Lobster/Running Around 79 Vgc Pic Cover Island Records
Bill Nelson Do You Dream In Colour 80 Reasonable Signed Pic Sleeve
Boys First Time/ Whatcha Gonna Do/ Turning Grey 77 Ex Pic Cover Nevis Records
Buzzcocks I Don’t Mind/ Autonomy 78 Ex United Artists Plain Cover
Buzzcocks Spiral Scratch Ep/ Boredom/ 79 Ex New Horizons X2
Buzzcocks Orgasam Addict/ Whatever Happened To You 77 Vgc United Artists Pic Cover X2
Buzzcocks What Do I Get/ Oh Shit 78 Vgc Plain  Virgin
Cash Pussies 99% Is Shit/Feat Sid Viciousb0 Cash Flow 79 Ex The Label
Clash English Civil War/ Pressure Drop 78 Ex Cbs Pic Cover X2
Clash Clash City Rockers/ Jail Guitar Doors 78 Ex Pic Cover Cbs
Cortinas Defiant Pose/ Independence 77 Ex Step Forward Records  Pic Cover
Cortinas Facistdictator/ Television Families 77 Ex Step Forward Records
Crass Reality Asylum/ Shaved Women 79 Mint Crass Records Live Pic Gate Cover & Inlay Artwork
Cure Killing An Arab/ Saturday Night 78 Ex Small Wonder Records Pic Cover
 Damned Lovely Money/ I Think Im Wonderful/Lovely Money Disco Mix 82 Ex Bronze Pic Cover
Danmed Problem Child/ You Take My Money 77 Vgc Stiff Pic Cover  X2 One Withwriting On Label
Devo Be Stiff/ Social Fools 78 Vgc Stiff Opaque Vinyl Plain Cover
Dickies Silent Night/ Sounds Of Silence 78 Ex Pic Covera&M
Dickies Paranoid/ Im Ok Youre Ok 78 Ex A&M Pic Cover
Electric Chairs Stuck On You/ Paranoia Paradise/ Last Time 77 Reasonable Pic Sleeve 33 1/3
Elvis Costello And The Attractions Pump It Up/ Big Teras 78 Vgc Radar Records Cardboard Sleeve
 Fall Bingo Masters Break Out/ Pscho Mafia 77 Vg Step Fprward Records Pic Cover
Flying Lizards Money/ Money B 79 Ex Virgin Pic Cover
Gang Of Four At Home He’s A Tourist/ Its Her Factory 79 Vgc Pic Cover Emi
Garbos Celluloid Heroes Only Death Is Fatal/Won T You Come To My Funeral 78 Reas Writing On Big Bear Records Bb13 Pic Cover
Generation X Wild Youth/ Wild Dub 77 Ex Chrysalis Plain Cover
Ian Dury Se X& Drugs& R&R/ Razzle In My Pocket 77 Ex Pic Cover Stiff
Joy Divison Transmission/ Novelty 79 Ex Factory Records Pic Cover
Joy Divison Love Will Tear Us Apart/ These Days 80 One Ex One Dam Sl Pic Cover X2
Kleenex Heidis Head/ Aint You 78 Ex Rough Trade Poster Sleeve
Magazine Shot By Both Sides/ My Mind Aint So Open 78 Ex Virgin Pic Cover
Mekons Where Were You/ I’ll Have To Dance Then On My Own 78 Ex Fast Records Pic Cover
 Members Offshore Banking Business/ Slitary Confinement 78 Good Virgin Pic Cover
Memebers Sound Of The Suburbs/ Handling The Big Jets 79 Vgc Virgin Pic Cover Clear Vinyl No Label
Menace Screwed Up/ Insane Society 77 Ex Pic Cover Illegal Records
Militant Barry Pistol Boy/ Pistol Version 79 Gc Manic Record No Sleeve
Modettes Paint It Black /Twist And Shout 80 Good Free Flexi Disc Pic Cover Inlay Pic Derim Records
Motorhead Bomber/ Over The Top 79 Good Bronze Records Pic Cover
Mott The Hoople Honalochie Boogie/ Rose 73 Gc No Sleeve Cbs
Mungo Jerry In The Summertime/ Mighty Man/ Dust Pneumonia Blues 70 Reasonable Daw Records       33 1/3
New Hearts Just Another Teenage Anthem/ Blood On The Knife 77 Ex Pic Cover Cbs
Panik It Wont Sell/ Ep 77 Vg Pic Cover Rainy City Records
Penetration Firing Squad/ Neverr 78 Ex Virgin Pic C Over
Pig Bag Papas Gota Brand New  Bag 81 Reas Pic Cover Rough Trade
Public Image Ltd Public Image/ Cowboy Song 78 Ex Virgin Plain Sleeve
Public Image Ltd Death Disco/ No Birds Do Sing 79 Ex Virgin Pic Cover
Sex Pistols Rock &Roll Swindle/ No One Is Innocent/My Way 78 Good Pic Cover Double A Side Virgin
Sex Pistols Pretty Vacant/ No Fun 77 Vgc Virgin Pic Cover  X2
Steel Pulse Klu Klux Klan/ Dub 78 Ex Island Records Pic Cover
Stiff Little Fingers At The Edge/ Running Bear/White Christmas 80 Ex Chrysalis Plain Cover
Stiff Little Fingers Alternative Ulster/ 75 Rpm 78 Ex Pic Cover Rough Trade
 Stranglers Peaches/ Go Buddy Go 77 Vgc Plain Sleeve United Artists
Television Prove It/ Venus 77 Good Warner Bros Plain Cover
The Flying Lizards Summertime Blues/ All Guitars 78 Good Virgin Pic Cover
The Flys Namedropping/ Fly Vs Fly 79 Ex Emi Pic Cover Green Vinyl
The Native Hipsters There Goes Concord Again/ Stand Still/The Building/ I Wanna Be Around 80 Vgc Heater Volume Records With Inlay
The Tubes Prime Time/ No Way Out 79 Ex A&M Pic Sleeve Blue Vinyl
The Tubes White Punks On Dope/ Don’t Touch Me There/What Do You Want From Life 75 Vgc Pic Sleeve Emi
Vibrators London Girls Live/ Stiff Litle Fingers 77 Ex Pic Cover Epic
Victimize Baby Buyer/ High Rise Failure 79 Ex White Label
Wah Heat Better Scream/ Joe 79 Ex Inevitable Music Ist Realsefold Over Pic Cover Plastic Bag
Wire Iam The Fly/ Ex Lion Tamer 77 Ex Emi Harvest
X Ray Spec Identity/ Lets Submerge 78 Ex Pic Cover Emi
 Yobs Run Rudolph Run/ The Worm Song 77 Vgc Nems Records Pic Cover

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