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Suburban Kid – Sex Pistols Exclusive.

Everything’s For Sale, baby!

trakMARX 10 is proud to present Suburban Kid’s exclusive collection of never before seen shots of the Pistols performing live at The Stowaway Club, Newport, on the night of 23/12/77.

These rare photographs are the property of Suburban Kid & should only be reproduced with his blessing – contact:

In keeping with the “10” theme of Issue 10 – there are 10 prints to view here – each a genuine reminder of just now exciting it once was to be in a punk rock group.

Suburban Kid continues to offer readers of trakMARX his help, advice & general assistance in any & all areas clearly marked “punk”, “rock” or “memorabilia”.

A hearty salutation is offered in his general direction, once again, for his unswerving dedication to the cause. Thanx buddy.

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