Keep politics out of rock n roll, or so some of you say: we’re young, we just wanna have fun, we just wanna get loaded, man, & hang out with Boaby G. We wanna get fucked off of our heads – we don’t DO responsibility. We’re not gonna worry about a future we’re not even sure we’re gonna sign up for yet. Are we?

Dildos – every last one of you. You’re running away & once you start running you’ll be running the rest of your life. Until you catch an arrow in your back.

R.A.R., A.N.L., C.N.D., GREENPEACE – just four examples of successful political activism. Now try & think of one that was formed in recent memory (& that doesn’t include Drunken Abusive Unfaithful Husbands For Justice). What the fuck is up with you lot? Don’t you realise we have a reputation in this country for kicking against the pricks.

Have you all forgotten the miner’s strike & the dissolution of the Trade Unions (like the monasteries & non-Parliamentary castles before them), the poll tax riots, the occupation of Northern Ireland, the privatisation of our nationalised industries, the corruption of our rail network, the gridlock on our roads & the mass rape of vast swathes of rural Britain by faceless corporate shadows - THE ILLEGAL WARS?

Go on, have a look out of the window. Wake up & turn on the cappuccino machine in your minimalist industrial kitchen. Open the shutters of your state of the art inner city loft conversion & inhale the bullshit. It’s overpowering. The stench can permeate even the richest walls & the plushest carpets. Do you feel safe?

We live in a world that has changed beyond recognition in the last 50 years - both politically & morally. The Jews/Israelis, one of the major oppressed races of WW2, have now become the Noughties Nazis – the all new oppressors (& anyone who feels that is remotely anti-semitic should consider Israel’s current policy for dealing with Palestine) – backed to the hilt by the US & the UK (both, ironically, Christian Fundamentalist right-wing apologists with a Holy Land protection mentality – Bush is such a convincing Christian, doncha think?). It’s a world turned upside down.

So, don’t write to us & tell us politics doesn’t belong in music. If you can’t face your responsibility as a human being & carry an equal load on your shoulders throughout your life for the benefit of your community & the world at large - then fuck off & shoot yourself now - while there’s still time. It’s not about me/him/her & it definitely isn’t about you either. It’s an “us” thing - & that doesn’t mean airy fairy hippie idealism – it just mean we’ve got each other’s backs. Comprende?

You don’t just owe it to your self, you owe it to us too. Keep politics out of rock n roll. Shut your fucking mouth till you know the truth.


Jean Encoule – tMx10 – June 03

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