2 years – fuck me, we could’ve robbed a bank, done our time & been out to spend the stash by now. Who’d of thought? When we started this shit we were still living off the fresh young blood of a new wave (yet to be tarnished or soiled by the wilful hate of the industry). Those days are behind us now. Normal service has been resumed. Expect nothing – it is the only way to avoid disappointment.

Issue 10 is something of a landmark to us here in the tMx bunker. They said it couldn’t be done, they said it had all been done before – worse than that, they said nobody cared anymore anyway. Well, my little 7” 45s, they were FUCKING WELL WRONG. They rock - we listen/watch/write - you buy/attend/support: they stay afloat. It’s not exactly rocket science – is it?

When we started tMx the most frequently asked question was: why? These days that question has evolved to: why do you do all this for nothing? The answer remains resolutely the same: because we fucking want to. Our reward is in the next life. We can sleep at night. We don’t need your blessing/permission/patronisation. We do this for love. Love of punk rock & roll.

tMx is a conduit – use it well & it will serve you equally. Together, we’re fairly confident we can make this world a significantly better place to live in (alright, so that’s a bit idealistic, but you know what we mean). You can help too if you want. Get up & get involved. The only way is up. Come on down.

Jean Aramis Encoule – - June 03
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