parade dusty rekkidz
This Issue’s collection has been submitted by rock n fucking roll photographer to the stars of stage & screen, Mr Phil Williams. Phil has been snapping away at the heels of the slightly more famous than you & I for longer than any of us around here care to remember. Phil is also a very talented graphic designer, who’s work has graced the sleeve of many of the UK’s finest rock n roll combos (Domestic Bliss, The Ideal Husbands, etc).

Phil was initially concerned that a few of his choices replicated earlier postings - but we were having none of it. He would, however, like to stress that his 10 sleeves were chosen because they’d jumped out at him at point of purchase & still reawaken those primeval urges some 25 years down the line.

Enlarge, print, cut out & Blue Tac to kitchen wall, creating the illusion you were there when it mattered after all. Bless.

A towering punk classic!

Dr Feelgood
The well sorted Dr Feelgood.

This one would be worth a fortune without all that biro on it.

Ian Dury
Clever Ian Dury.

The Jam
The Tony Blair of punk.

The signatures do not effect resale value of Lurkers records. How punk is that...

The Mekons
The Mekons - again!.

The Saints - again!.


Wire - again! Well its a better scan...

contact - the needle & the damage done