Oil War - Results
Oil War – Results

What is the average embedded hack going do now the oil war is over? 2 months of front line action: the anecdotes, the shrapnel, the scars – the close working bond with the US & UK’s finest killing machine components.

Sure is going to be one hell of a comedown. Meanwhile, back in reality, the results of the conflict continue to tumble in.

Many questions remain unanswered:

1/ Where is Saddam?

2/ What happened to the 125,000 Elite Republican Guards (see Bill Hicks)?

3/ Who were the mysterious guys with keys who appeared at every major museum safe at just the right time?

4/ Where are the WMD?

5/ Who lied the most?

6/ How long are they going to stay?

7/ Who will they “install” in place of the old regime?

8/ Where have all the holy relics gone?

9/ Who were the winners in all this?

10/ Who’s next?

(11/) – Psst – wanna buy a barrel or two – real cheap.

Only George W Bush & the CIA have the answers – maybe they’d like to get in touch & give us an exclusive.

In the meantime, if I was Syrian, North Korean or an inhabitant of any of the Stans, I’d be looking into relocating rapidly.

The game plan rolls on – the US economy will rise from the ashes – GWB will be returned – the master race will prevail.

The end of days.

The Reverend Jimmy Jazz – 26/04/03

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