The Paperbacks
The Paperbacks
The Paperbacks

Laura L Hotshot – Vocals
Chris Butler & Jay Bennett – Gtrs
Robbie Butler – Drums
Todd McDonald – Bass

The Paperbacks know all about rock & roll – so much so, in fact, the Midwest quintet have been described as Chicago’s “last hope for rock & roll”. Formed in 2000 by singer Laura L Hotshot, The Paperbacks recruited members of the mighty Seam, the Goblins, the New Rob Robbies & the Chinese Millionaires in the construction of their new group. Influenced by the likes of AC/DC, Rocket From The Crypt, Radio Birdman, Joan Jett & The Kinks, The Paperbacks have exquisite taste as well as balls of steel.

The band made their stage debut supporting the legendary Dictators at Chicago’s Empty Bottle. The Paperbacks have not looked back since – playing over 60 shows across the Midwest supporting Holly Golightly, The Hentchmen & The Immortal Lee County Killers along the way. In 2002, The Paperbacks appeared on the Flying Bomb Records sampler EP, “Surprise Package Collectors Edtion”, along with the Von Bondies, the Dirtbombs, the Soledad Brothers & others.

The Paperbacks debut EP may have just hit the import rack of yr. local independent store (depending on where you live). It’s a 6-track affair produced by Scott Ramsayer of Wilco & Swans fame. If you like your rock & roll flame grilled with just a hint of carbon, you could chose a far worse diner than The Paperbacks. As a taster – an aperitif, if you will, “The Paperbacks” is the perfect introduction the band. It’ll brighten up a long haul flight (on repeat play, granted), get the feet moving in the departure lounge, keep you awake on the train, annoy the patient sitting next to you in the waiting room or whatever else it is you do while you read. Look upon “The Paperbacks” as a novella & look forward to the debut novel later this 2003.


Evan Halshaw – 03/03

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