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Suburban Kid’s Make Your Own Vintage Punk Badge Class.

Suburban Kid has taken time out from the busy world of dream realisation through old vinyl acquisition to bring you this exclusive lesson in the justified & ancient art of badge making.

All you need to join in this celebration of button-tastic media is:

a) A roll of industrial sticky backed plastic (see-through/clear).
b) A pot of industrial strength Copydex.
c) A strong pair of scissors.
d) Help from an adult (be sure to fully consider all relevant Health & Safety implications & submit a risk assessment in accordance with local regulations).
e) A box of Shite Stipes badges (minimum size 2”)

First: Chose your design selection from this issue’s Suburban Kid badge fest special.

Then: Press “PRINT” & carefully cut out the badge design using the strong pair of scissors (under the supervision of the adult) leaving a border of about 1 inch.

Then: Take a Shite Stipes badge & remove the metal pin affair from the back.

Then: Glue your chosen design to the Shite Stipes badge, carefully folding any excess paper into the back of the badge.

Then: Replace metal pin affair to rear of badge.

Then: You are now the exclusive owner of a quality historical interface item of some considerable re-sale value. Clear them lapels – badger attack.

Next issue: Suburban Kid’s Pottery Wheel Of Punk Fortune.

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sex pistols poster
Look out for the rarer Billy Idol version.

pretty vacant badges
You tell em like it is Markie.

pretty vacant badges
In colour - oh no - its the new wave and the end of an era, sob.

pretty vacant badges
Generation X pre purges style.

pretty vacant badges
A Damned badge.

pretty vacant badges
Cheeky Stiff Records badge.

New Wave News
A classic.

Sid's Ramones badge
Punk lite with class.

Rotton badge
Snuff rock - how we laughed.

Rotton badge

Rotton badge
Look at the workmanship on that.

Rotton badge
Classic Stiff badge.

Rotton badge
Dont try this at home.

Rotton badge
Stiff in colour!.

Rotton badge
Old skool Buzzcocks.

Rotton badge
Are we not men - we are RugRats.

contact - the needle & the damage done