Gravey Train!!!!
Top shit!
This Train's Full O'Gravy.

This pornofied Electro-punk dance combo step out beyond the borders of controversy and kick up a scream. Taking lead from 80's Rap bitches, The Gravy Train!!!! confront us with sexually blatant singsong lyrics and fuzzed-out Cassio beats.

From the street corners of Oakland, summer 2001, Chunx's burger fixation and obsessive sexual appetite combined together to form the basis for the bands leg-over lyrics. Funx shortly followed with her leading beats and seminal sexual moves. Hunk (otherwise known as Puberty Strike creator, Seth Bogart; though he chooses to remain anonymous.) and Drunx (Shameless, front faced dancer- solely a 'giver') led the band to completion. The end effect:


A collaboration of bawdy, sexual raunchiness suitable for a Swedish sex club. GRINDING, BUMPING, POUNDING, HUMPING, the GT put on such a heated show that every man 'rises' in support. The visual aspects DEFINATLEY complete the sound, and will loosen the most tightly screwed kidz in the building. There is no room for awkwardness, there is no room for tread footing around, and there is definitely no room for taking things slowly.

'The Gravy Train's!!!!' recent release on American label Kill Rock Stars is full length 'Hello Doctor'. Meanwhile, and quite suitably on Purr Records, cums the comical mini porn-packed 4 track: The 'Menz' EP.It's humorous perversity runs in line with the peaches, and there are also soundz of a pornified, delinquent B52'S - only this party is not out of bounds.

'Hella Nervous' with its repetitive retarded lyrics and 'Sippin 40z's swinging electronica rhythms (along with filthy, bawling blatancy) are the floor filling songs of the EP. But undoubtedly the most entertaining of the four is the 'He said/ She said' battling lyrics in 'You made me gay' - A comical conclusion of Chunx's unfortunate loss of Hunx to the boner-fide boys of Oakland.

Perhaps the styles of filthy juvenile simplicity have been over-used and exploited to extremes by every band that side of the u.s., but the hilarity in talks of fast food and sexual winnings along with their own swaggering self assurance, lead the GT!!!! to a NEW track.

We catch up with the GT!!!! (minus Funx & Drunx) for a few 'soul searching' words, and find out the true meaning of Hunx being a little controlling!

trakMARX: So... 'The Gravy Train!!!!' - any story behind the name?

Chunx: This dude I was humping at the time used to say, "It's all gravy train, baby" - and then he turned out to be a shit-butt so I wrote songs about him. It was originally going to be a concept band devoted only to talking trash about him so the name fitted perfectly. Also, obscure slang for a lady's vadge secretion panty stain is a "gravy train", which is, coincidentally, so perfect.

trakMARX: How did y'all get together, and at what point did you recognize your sound was worth pursuing?

Hunx: Right away, of course. My shit's too tight.

trakMARX: Are you equally conducive in making the music or is there a dominant 'Hitler' type amongst you?

Hunx: As far as riffs n beats I am DEF the Hitler of the band. No doubt in my mind, doods. But Chunky writes most of the words. And when Funx gets around to it, her songs are serious! (See "Burger Baby")

trakMARX: The lyrics on the 'Menz ep' range from fast food fanaticism to talk of sexual conquests, would you say these 'normalities' are the 'shining light' inspiration behind your songs?

Hunx: I've said it before and I'll say it again: The only 3 things that inspire us are Burgers, Fries and Animal Style.

trakMARX: Besides fries and fucking who have been your main influences?

Hunx: Gary Glitter has killer beats.

trakMARX: There's been a large amount of 'debate' as to whether you're 'rap', would you give yourselves this label?

Chunx: In the beginning, we were listening to a lot of 80's girl rap, so that influenced songs like "You Made Me Gay" and our general shit-talking attitude. My vocal style might still be considered rap by some, although I would never put us in the category of hip-hop. I would categorize us as SHOCK ROCK or a DANCE TROUPE before rap, by a landslide!

Hunx: Me and this dude got into a drunken fist fight on my 21st birthday, after he claimed he "showed me rap." I thought, that's funny cuz Yo! MTV RAPS showed me rap when I was like 5! Hey, I hate honky rappers as much as the next guy and I like to think we're

trakMARX: 'I go to the high school to find me a bitch, a young virgin switch' ( Sippin 40z ) - With these lyrics in mind how far does the music relate to your own experiences? (Was Chunx solely responsible for making Hunx gay?)

Hunx: Chunx was dating (and still is!) this high school hessian when she wrote those lyrics. And she totally 100% made me gay. Not that I wasn't into her big ass bouncin' titties. But her vagina did smell NASTY ! Ask her, she'll tell you! The other day before going to the Turbonegro show we sprayed her coochie with this fancy bottle of Chanel cologne that my man got me as a present.

trakMARX: Would you say you've brought much of your former band 'Panty Raid 'into 'the Gravy Train!!!!' ?

Hunx: What are you talking about "former" band? That shit is still rockin. Now my friend Brontez is in the group. You'll hear of him in no time.

trakMARX: What were your reasons for leaving?

Hunx: Panty Raid is in FULL EFFECT. We've been writing new songs like "I AM NASTY" and "SORRY LADIES" - which is about how girls are always trying to take me home. Ladies and Gentleman, put down that knife you are clutching, spit out those pills, breathe that sigh of relief and pause for a moment because Panty Raid (inclusive of Seth) are still among us.

trakMARX: You've been the master behind many fanzines such as the hilarious 'Puberty Strike' and more recently 'Psycho #1 fan', is the creation of these still important to you, or is it subordinate to your music?

Hunx: I think you have me confused with some jackass named Seth Bogart. He's an ugly motherfucker. Zits + looks like a bird from the profile.

trakMARX: The Gravy Train!!!! come bangin' out of obscene Oakland - home of Digital Underground, what's the music situation like over there?

Hunx: Good bands include The Bobbyteens, Glamour Pussies, Drunk Horse, The Coup, The Vanishing, The Lovemakers, Deadly Weapons, Erase Errata, blah blah blah!! And of course I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom!

trakMARX: Signed to open mouthed, American punk label 'Kill Rock Stars', residence to the likes of Stereo Total and the Bangs, do you feel suitably placed?

Hunx: We are the best act Kill Rock Stars has to offer, with STEREO TOTAL coming in at a close second, bless their little hearts.

trakMARX: If the options are there will you succumb to the tugging hand of success & wealth, and be a 'shameful, mainstream multi-million-selling success story', or are you purely (and perhaps stupidly!) in it for the music?

Chunx: I'm always in it for the music, man! But also the stardom, the free booze, and of course the PUSSY! And I'd sell out to a major in a heartbeat as long as they didn't ask me to lose weight! FAT chance though, right?

Hunx: This dude I know once got quoted in a newspaper saying, "I'll suck whoever's dick to get to the top." That's exactly how I feel about life.

trakMARX: The Fakesters, the Wannabe's, the Duplicates, the Idolized - what annoys you most about the state of 'modern' music?

Hunx: What annoys me the most about 'modern music' is: No Shangri-Las, No L'Trimms, No Ramones, No Gary Glitters, No Michael Jacksons. Actually, never mind about the MJ thing. Justin Timberlake is doing a fine job.

trakMARX: If anything, What do you rate?

Hunx: I rate my boner an A+ and the Gravy Girls titties an A+ and Chunx's vagina an F-. HAHAHAHAHAHAHH! I love Chunx.

trakMARX: Does your newly released KRS LP 'Hello Doctor' run in line with the sexual shoutings of The Menz ep?

Hunx: I think 'Hello Doctor' is much better than "Menz", but neither will touch the genius that is our next record "FOREVER SPICY" - hopefully out later this year or early 2004.

trakMARX: Can we expect you to be loosening the collar and pelting the pelvi of United 'uptight' King-Dom on a tour in the impending future?

Hunx: In August baby! I'm gonna fuck every goddamn limey boy in sight. Psych! I'm married!

The Gravy train!!!! may get you giggling like a Primary School kid on acid, but still they've got some serious shit:- note four exclamations after band name. (It may become boring to write, it may become lame, and it may fuck up the spell check, but still we do not judge them for it.) This is a train no government can bring to a halt, (unless there's a money opportunity from bombing it.)

So go buy the The "Menz" EP, and check'em out in August, even if simply for a free 'Hunx-lay'. The Gravy Train!!!! should be welcomed into the lives, and more importantly the beds of the wired and sexually frustrated. Bored of HIV and AIDS? Spread The Gravy Train!!!!

The Cure's in the Gravy.


Nat Shooter – – 24/04/03
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