The Paybacks
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The Paybacks

Following our feature on The Hentchmen/Paybacks Rex split 7” we were pleased to be contacted by main Payback lady, Wendy Case. Wendy dropped us a line to say thanx for the review & ask us to pass her best onto Mr Rat Scabies, which we duly did. Wendy promised to stick a couple of copies of the band’s latest CD in the mail. Those CDs arrived today, along with a postcard from Detroit signed by the very girl herself. Needless to say, it went straight into the CD machine – controls set for (knock) LOUD.

The Paybacks – “Knock Loud” – Get Hip Recordings

Wendy Case – Gtr, vocals
Mike Latulippe – Drums
Marco Delicato – Gtr
John Szymanski – Bass

1. Just You Wait (Case)
2. Black Girl (Case)
3. Blackout (Delicato)
4. If I Fell (Delicato/Case)
5. Thin Air (Case)
6. Tie Me In A Knot (Delicato/Case)
7. Hot Shot (Delicato)
8. Don’t Lay It On Me (Case)
9. Hollywood (Case)
10. Vegas (Case)

The first thing you have to understand about “Knock Loud” is that it should be played loud. VERY FUCKING LOUD. 95% of rock & roll bands are pussies compared to The Paybacks. Wendy Case has a voice that appears to have eaten Noddy Holder whole. Every time Wendy opens her mouth you can hear him screaming, “Get me the fuck out of here.” The rest of The Paybacks are no slouches, either: Marco Delicato’s incendiary gtrs are reminiscent of the best but still retain a voice entirely of their own, John Szymanski’s bass is never far from nailed directly to the money, whilst drummer Mike Latulippe holds the beat with the kind of authority usually reserved for annexing rogue states. The Paybacks are a living, breathing rock & roll animal, & very possibly the same one Lou Reed sang of all those years ago.

“Knock Loud” doesn’t fuck about. It does what it says on the label. If you’ve been investing in rock & roll for a few years now but have recently been disappointed in the performance of yr. money & the subsequent returns you’ve been realising, you could be speculating in the wrong markets. Leading investment guides have been erecting the signs OK – it’s just that they all point in the wrong fucking direction. Ignore Detroit at yr. peril.

“Knock Loud” was created in the laboratories of Steve “Dr Ching” King & the ever-present Brother Jim Diamond. The sound is live, tight & one louder. The songs are short & sweet, the tunes are 100% meat & we’ve got the feeling absolutely no one is faking it here. “Black Girl” will be familiar to owners of “The Sympathetic Sounds Of Detroit” comp – it just seems even fucking bigger in this context. “If I Fell”, “Thin Air” & “Don’t Lay It On Me” are not far behind, either. “Knock Loud”: 10 cuts of high-octane prime rock & roll - all done in under 35 minutes.

The Paybacks will be setting out to play shows across Europe this summer, including a few dates in Spain. We highly recommend you get yr. brothel creepers out & find a fucking suede brush sharpish. They’ll probably end up with sick all over them again by the end of the night – but at least you’ll have something to remember the show by. The Paybacks – maximum fucking rock & roll.

Contact: The Paybacks, P.O. Box 32575, Detroit, MI48232

Evan Halshaw – tMx9 – March 2003
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