War – what is it good for?


Let’s take Afghanistan, shall we (come to think of it, that’s just what W said):

Afghanistan has languished around the lower reaches of the world heroin production league table for the best part of the last decade. Now, a mere 2 years since the good people of Afghanistan were “liberated”, the country is rightfully back in pole position jostling for a Champion’s League spot & the chance to distribute raw unrefined Afghan heroin throughout the European market. Result.

They also now benefit from a shiny new oil pipe that runs the length of their country & guarantees they won’t have to get their hands dirty touching any of that nasty, sticky, oily stuff. Thank God G.W.Bush decided to distribute hard cash to the Afghan warlords instead of smart weapons to solve that particular crisis – less mess. Sorted.

See, war does have a positive side, & many of you so-called “peace protesters” chose to forget that fact (or simply ignore it all together). Don’t forget, many of the empty weapons carriers & general military equipment containers can be rammed full of high quality raw unrefined heroin which can quickly & effectively be distributed amongst the poor & the needy in areas of political ambiguity on it’s arrival in the USA.

The “liberation” of Iraq will surely reap similar “bonus factors” as the post-war strategies unfold. For example, it’s reassuring to know that the cradle of western civilisation (or Babylon & Ting) can now be fully excavated & any significant finds moved to secure museums in the West, along with all the other ancient religious artefacts that were “liberated” from their museums along with the Iraqi people.

The rumour that the historical origins of the Christian Religion are indelibly linked to the histories of the both the Mesopotamian Gods & their peoples, is nothing but a propaganda smoke screen employed by Israel. The accusation that the liberation of Iraq has finally provided an independent homeland fit for the Palestinians is quite probably some way off the ‘road map to peace’ in the Middle East we hear so much about.

Finally, it’s is also worth considering that you can have a small war in your own back garden that could last for decades without being important enough to warrant a peace map being drawn for it. You have to feel sorry for poor old Northern Ireland, in this respect, who has been patiently waiting for American intervention so long it’s now beginning to take the lack of action personally.

Until the next war – may your God go with you.

Jean Encoule – – 28/04/03

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