Greetings, shit kickers, & a hearty welcome to Issue 9 of – punk, rock & fucking roll. Fired up & atom – ready to roll.

While we’re here – a big shout out to all of you daft enough to keep tuning into this shit & signing up to the tMx Mailing List – we thank you (we think we may even love you).

Props also to Nat Shooter, who makes her journalistic debut in this Issue with her excellent insight into the sextastic world of Gravy Train!!!!

DC Troi O’Boi also deserves maximum praise for bringing us his TV Smith/999 Tour Diary direct from the ‘good ol’ US of A after enduring 7 straight nights without sleep.

Carol Clerk also requires our full metal thanx for the 10,000 words she supplied in answer to Encoule’s questions on Punk Rock.

So, in a packed joint this time out we’re proud to usher in:

Carol Clerk, Ugly Thing’s Mike Stax, Jesse Malin, Wayne Kramer, The Hotwires, Gravy Train, The Paperbacks, Buzzcocks, The Heartbreakers, The Paybacks, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The White Stripes, The Kills, The Star Spangles, A Parade Of Dusty Old Record Sleeves, Suburban Kid & all the usual shit.

Honestly, what more could you ask for for fuck all?

Jean Aramis Encoule – – 28/04/03
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