The Rogers Sisters
The three Rogers Sisters
The Rogers Sisters – Sideburn Ministers

They come from NYC (again), they’re the hottest unsigned band in town (again - let’s hope they don’t sign to Polydor too, eh Karen) & they’ve never heard of The B52s. The Rogers Sisters (so called because they, like, erm, feature two sisters called Rogers) are currently wowing New Yorkers & (ho ho) new rock revolutionaries alike with their frenetic blend of Au Pairs attack & stringent post punk posturing.

pure shit
The Rogers sisters left their previous band, Ruby Falls, & their homelands in Michigan, & headed for NYC sometime in 1999. Jennifer (Gtr, Vocals) & Laura (Drums, Vocals) soon hooked up with bassist & Hawaiian native, Miyuka Furtado (no relation to Nelly) & began writing & rehearsing.

The Rogers Sisters (as they rightly became known) entered The Rare Book Room in Brooklyn in May of 2002 & laid down the 11 tracks that make up their stunning debut LP, “Purely Evil” (Troubleman Unlimited Records – available on import).

They say The Rogers Sisters sound like The B52s & Talking Heads, but they’ve probably not even listened to the fucking record, so what the fuck do they know? The Rogers Sisters sound very much like The Rogers Sisters to these ears. Sure there are echoes of Schneider & Byrne in Furtado’s vocal delivery, & there are a couple of sisters trading vocal licks as well, but if that translates to you as The B52s eat Talking Heads then you have no right to be writing about music for a living.
pure shit
In reality, The Rogers Sisters share much in common with Brummie post-punkers The Au Pairs: a personal political agenda with a small P, representation for the sisters & attitude to spare. The Rogers Sisters utilise a similar fluidity to The Au Pairs & are no less visceral in their approach – just refreshingly warmer. To be honest, it’s groundbreaking to hear someone from NYC using “Playing With Another Sex” as a benchmark as apposed to “Entertainment” (considering the sell out shit short fate that met Gang Of Four, who’d wanna end up like them anyway, eh, Angus?).

“Purely Evil” lasts 28 odd minutes - it thrills as it spills & doesn’t stand still for a minute. High points include 1st 45, “I Dig A Hole”, the NYC scene/NME baiting “Now They Know (XOXO) & the rattlingly brilliant “The Black Anniversary”. It’s an LP you’ll want to come back to time & time again. “Calculator” has been included on the forthcoming Rough Trade “Counter Culture” compilation so there really is no escape from the tsunami that will surely follow in their wake. So, The Rogers Sisters – party like it’s 1981.

The Katestar – – Jan 2003
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