mmortal Lee County Killers
Not the Soggy Bottom Boys
Immortal Lee County Killers

Chetley “El Cheetah” YZ – Gtr, Vocals, Harp
J.R.R. Token – Traps, Vocals, Tambourine

”Anytime you thinkin’ evil, you thinkin’ ‘bout the blues” – Howling Wolf.

2003 is alive & well. 2002 is dead. First off the block with the second full-length offering from Lee County, Alabama’s, The Immortal Lee County Killers: Estrus Records. The Immortal Lee County Killers return to the fray with “Love Is A Charm Of Powerful Trouble” (LP/CD ES1285).

The ILCKs have spent the last couple of years refining & honing their sound. Things have cleaned up noticeably from their frenetic “Real Punk Blues” debut, “The Essential Fucked Up Blues”. “Love Is A Charm Of Powerful Trouble” has more light & shade, more Blues, less Punk. 11 new cuts, including covers of Willie Dixon’s “Weak Brain, Narrow Mind”, RL Burnside’s “Goin Down South” & a whole bunch of trad arr-ing, “Love Is A Charm Of Powerful Trouble” is a new kind of Blues, a new kind of Punk Rock.

The ILCKs have always paid their dues: John Lee Hooker, Hound Dog Taylor, Jerry Lee Lewis, Skip James, Blue Cheer, The MC5 & The Gun Club. Ex-Black Panther & revolutionary activist, Eldridge Cleaver, has described the Blues as music for emotional & spiritual escape, an elixir for pain, which lacked a voice for action & change. The ILCKs have given the Blues that voice:

J.R.R Token – “When the dust has settled & after all the smoke has cleared, you’ll know who the Killers are.”

From the furious anger of opener, “Robert Johnson”, to the introspective languor of “What Are They Doing In Heaven Today”, The ILCKs take you out for a long walk down a dusty back road with only a half empty hip flask for company. How can you argue with an LP that opens with the words: “Woke up this morning”?

Powerful trouble, indeed.
Killer Amp

Marquee Smith – – Jan 2003
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