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SUBURBAN KID Punk Rock Collectables.

Back once again, it’s the incredible, memorabilia animal, King of the Keepsake, the ultimate collectable: Suburban Kid. This Issue’s selection of original artyfacts of relevance & historical importance include: The Clash, The Ramones, The Buzzcocks & The Sex Pistols. is undoubtedly indebted to Sub Kid,once again, & offers humble thanx & much respect in spades for his continued patronage. For those about to blow a month’s wages on a 30 year old poster – we salute you.

Suburban Kid would also hasten to point out that he is NOT a dealer, merely an avid collector who has a passion for his subject, a dedication to the cause & doesn’t mind helping out the odd fellow enthusiast on a mission. Please bear this in mind when contacting him for his help, & believe us that when we say:


..that’s because it is (even your house, not that you want to move out just yet, that is). Don’t ever forget that.

Contact Suburban Kid:

sex pistols poster
Sissors, stale tabloid, tipex, flag & saftey pins - one careful owner.

pretty vacant badges
Rare Blondie poster inexplicably not featuring Chris & the rest of band.

pretty vacant badges
Spiral Scratch - The Poster!

pretty vacant badges
The Clash at Tiffanys - always a punk friendly venue...

pretty vacant badges
The Clash at the Electric Circus

pretty vacant badges
Rare Sex Pistols carpet tack.

New Wave News
An good example of late 70's photocopy technology.

Sid's Ramones badge
You're very own two dimensional member of the Clash.

Rotton badge
Classic Ramones poster.

contact - the needle & the damage done