Blag the Stash
Blag The Stash.

Not only are you saying it’s too hard – you’re saying you’re enjoying it too (now where have I heard that before – Ed). Last Issue’s BTS was the hardest yet – you sweated, you fretted, you Googled & you gargled – but most of you still got it wrong. It pays to be pedantic.

That’s exactly what last issue’s winner was: pedantic to the point of fastidiousness.

John Jenkin of Bedford left it late, but scooped the stash with raffish charm (& the most powerful search engine in the known universe). To the victor: the spoils. A very fit postman is currently on route to sunny Bedford laden with CDs, T-shirts & a lovingly crafted set of photocopied Punk rock 45s – Ltd Edit 001/001.

How the fuck do I get my hands on such an impressive stash, we hear you scream? Simple. Simply answer the 5 questions below & get your answers on an electronic postcard labelled “Blag The Stash” to the usual hole before 31/03/03.

1/ Which bunch of 60s reprobates surfaced as The Users on Raw Records in 1977?

2/ Which 80s pop star & 90s cross dresser started out fronting The Killjoys?

3/ Which band featured Lislot Ha, Marlene Marder, Regula Sing & Klaudia Schiff?

4/ Who provided the female voice on the spoof intro to “Family Life” from Sham 69’s debut LP: “Tell Us The Truth”?

5/ Who described www as “world wide wank” in 2002 & in what context?

Questions compiled by The Katestar – – Jan 2003

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