Don’t know about you, but 2002 left a pretty shitty taste in my mouth. I’m not too enamoured with our prospects for 2003, either. Deranged dictators juggling weapons of mass destruction, oil hungry warriors oblivious of whom they may have to annex to achieve their goals, an apathetic & unintelligent electorate too rich/poor, clever/stupid & fat (of this there is NO doubt) to care about democracy – but that’s enough about the United States Of America.

Meanwhile back at the UK ranch, we’re heading for a Bad Blair Day:

Poodle-shit lapdog.

Bad-breath Tory in an expensive suit.

Chris Rea fan.

Poor parent.

Roll model to no one.

Class traitor

Suffers from compulsive bullshit disorder.

Sound like anyone you voted for?

Of course, whilst our “leaders” eyes are off the ball looking towards the Middle East the biggest threat we face in 2003 is from the “Far Right”. The fascists are already in power in France, Italy & Germany aren’t far behind.

The BNP will continue to cash in on “honest, upstanding, British citizens” who are fed up to the back teeth with asylum seekers, Albanian gangsters & East European prostitutes. The racists are on the rise again – beware of men at your door selling pegs, guns & false promises. These clowns have no answers. They know one emotion: hatred.

We are a multi cultural society that has battled against the grain for nearly 50 years to achieve balance & understanding between the disparate cultures, colours & dialects that make up this United Kingdom. We are the sons & daughters of Empire builders – yes, it’s all our fault – we populated the Americas & The Antipodes. We raped Africa & Asia! We only missed out on South America because the Spanish got there first. We are the sperm bank of the world – we have made a commitment to live our lives in harmony.

In 2003, be brave enough to stand up to the Nazis. Say NO to jingoistic separation. Say NO to the bulldog spirit. Say NO to wankers in cheap suits wearing ambiguous badges & hiding behind your fear.

The future is ours – grab it with both hands & don’t ever let go. It’s your world to do what you want in. It’s your duty to every fellow human being to raise your game & begin to consider the bigger picture.

Got it?

Marquee Smith – – Jan 2003

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