Welcome to 2003 – let’s make this special. You stop posing & bullshitting us & we’ll back you all the way. Don’t forget: you’ll learn more from a 3-minute record than you’ll ever learn in school.

And in a tightly rolled joint this Issue:
We welcome aboard our mystery NYC reporter, D.S. Troy O’Boi, with the 1st of his “New York Reports”.

We mourn the passing of Uncle Joe & dissect the Myth of The Clash with Marcus Gray.

We preview the sleeve notes to the forthcoming Sex Pistols “XSpunk” recordings with Dave Goodman.

We celebrate the lives of Generation X & The Lurkers.

We bring you the juice on young upstarts: The Rogers Sisters, The Star Spangles, The Immortal Lee County Killers, The Paybacks, The Hentchmen & Casey Holford.

We welcome another collection of genuine Punk rock memorabilia, courtesy of Suburban Kid.

We declare WAR on cool.

We delve into the mists of the trakMARX crystal ball to bring you our predictions for the ensuing 12 months.

All this, plus all the usual bullshit, opinion, attitude & just the right amount of reverence. Honestly, what more do you expect for fuck all.
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