Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
We Love You - yeah, yeah, yeahs.

Karen O – Vocals
Brian Chase – Drums
Nick Zinner – Guitars

EP - Yeah Yeah Yeahs: “Bang” “Mystery Girl” “Art Star” “Miles Away” “Our Time” – Shifty – SH05

Re-released on Wichita Recordings – Webb029scd

45 - “Machine”/”Graveyard”/”Pin” – Wichita – Webb036scd

“The bigger, the better”

New York, New York, so good they hyped it twice. If you listen carefully – just behind the sound of The Gang Of Four’s “ENTERTAINMENT” (blaring from a thousand King Kong cassette dex) – you’ll hear the sound of something sharper. Fuck the funk, buddy. Where’s the gothic renaissance discotheque? Yeah, yeah, yeahs – so good they named them thrice. Once for PJ, once for Sonic Youth & once for The Cramps. Rock, & in a very real sense, roll. Screw the manufactured major label garage upstarts – if you’re gonna manufacture, make it yr. fucking self.

“Take a swallow as I spit”

One swallow doesn’t make a summer. Those mystery boys will be your toys, those misery boys will run out of major label cash before they break Iceland. This feisty girl will break yr. heart & probably crush yr. balls too. What does the O stand for? Oh fuck off.

“As a fuck, son. You suck”

Radio 1 missed it – it took 23 listens to translate & we still weren’t sure then. Subliminal. Just for a second. YYY chromosome XXX. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are perfectly balanced.

New 45, “Machine”, takes the back road in via a nagging riff that reeks of dangerous implications. Karen O delivers her Peej-est vocal yet – she’s dedicated to achieving your maximum laundry satisfaction:

“Machine, I washed it for you”

B-side, “Graveyard”, struts the blues for 1.27 before collapsing under the weight of its own conviction, a spent force. Blink & you’ve missed it. You do miss me, don’t you? (“Pin” is remixed as the bonus cut on the CD, by the by – YYYs in dub)

Defiantly independent, resolutely non-commercial, achingly beautiful & horny as fuck. YYYs are all over our sheets like a stubborn stain. We await their debut LP in 2003 with an eagerness normally associated with the beaver fraternity. It will include no previously released material. In a year of fakes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs bore the hallmark of quality. Genuine.

Guy Debored – – Nov 2002-11-06

Check it:

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