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Hype Spotters Outing – The Sights.

The Sights are on Sweet Nothing in the UK, very much hoping to emulate the success of their NZ cousins, The Datsuns. The Sights & The Datsuns have a lot in common: a record collection that spans 1970 to 1974, super long “home-grown” hair, difficulty in detecting the line between irony & parody & some very poor management.

The fact that we got bored with The Datsuns before the end of the LP does not bode well for The Sights. “Got What We Want” is The Sights second LP, produced by Nu-Garage knob-twiddling supremo to the stars of crack & mild, Jim Diamond. The fact that Mr Diamond let The Sights get away with this has somewhat compromised the stature of his reputation, in my humble esteem. If The Vines are The Beatles sing Nirvana, then The Sights are Nirvana sing The Beatles. Opening brace, “Don’t Want You Back” & “Be Like Normal”, leave the genre scientists in absolutely no doubt as to what kind of “shapes” The Sights are bluffing off as their own.

A subtle rose tinted amalgamation of every Nuggets/Pebbles/Rubble comp ever released ever: says the hype. So where did the rambling sub-Allman Brothers dinosaur blues rock shite come from then. Honestly, “Sweet Little Woman” (a frankly hilarious title in this very modern world where even the Stones get retrogressive condemnation for the sexist nature of their re-released back catalogue – the only “Sweet Little Woman” I know is my gran. Is it rock & roll to write songs about yr. Granny? Get the fuck out of Dodge) & “Nobody” are some of the most embarrassing sounds committed to tape I’ve heard this year.

“I’m drowning in your mediocrity”, they bleat during “Sick & Tired”, before launching into an old school channel bouncing guitar solo that can only have been exhumed from the pyramid style tomb of some dead plank spanker. Grit your teeth – this is painful stuff. Chuck a perceived “kool” record collection at the mixing desk: see how much of it is impaled on the faders.

The Sights were closer to authenticity with their debut. “Got What We Want” has only succeeded in moving the goalposts further towards the middle of the road - & we all know what happens when you stand there: hit by traffic from both directions. The Sights will quite probably fill the frontal lobes of a thousand short attention spans for at least a week. Their time is now. Their time has gone. Their time was then. That’s how fast the fickle hand of pop passes the presents – it’s no surprise to see how many simply drop them.

Let’s hope Detroit has plenty of career opportunities for messers Baranek, Shettler & Leahey. They ain’t gonna make jack shit out of The Sights.

Evan Halshaw – – Nov 2002
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