The Snivelling Shits
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The Snivelling Shits

The name The Snivelling Shits is written large in the anals of Punk Rock history. Back in the day, a Saturday night was not a Saturday night without a good dose of The Shits. Formed by Sounds journalist & legendary scenester, Giovanni Dadomo, The Shits were a massive subliminal influence on the youth of a nation:

Vocals – Giovanni Dadomo
Gtr – Dave Fudger/Pete Makowski
Bass – Steve Lilywhite/Barry Myers
Drums – Steve Nicol/Ade Lilywhite/Lou Salvoni/Nick Ratbite

Damaged Goods have now issued the CD companion to last year’s orange vinyl edition of “I Can’t Come”.
The CD & LP both utilise the classic cover from The Shits seminal 45, “Terminal Stupid”/”I Can’t Come” along with archive shots of the band & enlightening sleeve notes, courtesy of Salmon Rushdeal (fucking hilarious & worth the entrance fee alone).

The Shits were far from the comedy entity they are often made out to be, as this indispensable document ably illustrates. Like a giant opium suppository secreted up Kylie’s arse, “I Can’t Come” packs one hell of a punch:

“Crossroads” – Sandy’s leaving the show: he’s fed up with being pushed around! Lou Reed most probably turned in his blood transfusion suite when he heard this mauling of “I’m Waiting For My Man”.

“I Can’t Come” – Amphetamine Sulphate was a great way to keep it up all night - but a very poor avenue to orgasm. If this isn’t the punkest of punk rock cuts then I’m a cunt.

“Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi” – Allegedly written by French folk/punk stalwart, Jacques Dutronc, in 1966. The Shits inadvertently make it their own. Now you can own it too!

“I Wanna Be Your Biro” – The Shits belated answer record to The Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog”. Mangled around a simple riff using a blow torch, the track was adapted for this release by nailing it to a piece of wood. High art, indeed.

“Bring Me The Head Of Yukio Mishima” – A lonely walk down a busy street with only your tax inspector for company. Poetry & emotion in perpetual motion. The riff continues walking alone some 5 minutes after the track actually ends.

“Only 13” – This tale of under age sexual frustration captures the width & dexterity of prime time Pistols whilst maintaining the texture & feel of a Pollock canvas. Dadomo was actually only 12 when the incident in question actually happened: a perfect example of why you should never trust artistic license (or hippies).

“Terminal Stupid” – Shit. The very best kind shit, obviously. When I was a lad my main ambition was to become Terminally Stupid. I’ve persisted ever since & hopefully have it down to an art form by now.

“isgodaman?” – Specially designed for The Shits by Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits as an exercise in “blasphemous corruption”, the single version was eventually investigated by the Bishop Of Northumberland’s covert paramilitary unit: The Black Veils. The investigation proved fruitless & was suspended in acrimony following an indecent incident involving The Seven Dancing Maids of Rotherham & an industrial sausage maker.

The CD version features 4 bonus cuts: “There Ain’t No Sanity Claus” (Dadomo wrote this & “Just Can’t Be Happy Today” for The Damned), “Terminal Stupid” (demo), “I Can’t Come” (demo) & “isgodaman?” (demo).

The Snivelling Shits may have been the exclusive property of the hip, the lucky & the mentally deranged back in 1977, but today you can all score a slice:

“I Can’t Come” - Damaged Goods – FNARR LP3 (Orange Vinyl) – DAMGOOD 205 CD (CD features 4 bonus cuts).

Marquee Smith – trakMARX – Nov 2002
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