Nu rock revolution
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New Rock Revolution?

Man the barricades. Kick over the statues. Sharpen the guillotine. Redistribute the wealth. Look out, Bothers & Sisters, it’s the new rock revolution.

It’s been a long hard wait. A year of fakes. A post millennial maelstrom of missed marketing opportunities. How long could they sit on the fence? How long would it take the kids to forget The Scene With No Name? How long would it take the brand directors to construct a sentence using the words: lowest, common & denominator? This is no mandatory sentence. This is a death sentence. The death of the sentence. The birth of a movement. Viva la new rock revolution.

There’s nothing revolving but the records on the decks. Except that they’re CDs & they don’t actually spin. Lazy writers, lazer readers. Cut & paste. The revolution is now. The revolution is confused. The rock can’t roll & vice versa. Desperate, unrelated, genres apart. We have nothing to loose except loss itself. Will. This. Do?

A generation terrified of failing to make a mark. Confined to the footnotes of a history book no-one will ever commission. Yesterday’s amps, yesterday’s values, yesterday’s songs, yesterday’s news. Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away. Yesterday belongs to those who died for the cause.

Marquee Smith – – Nov 2002

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