Do It Yourself

Not only was it a great title for an Ian Dury LP, it’s still by far the best way to get a record out. Independence has been highly cherished by society ever since the Stonemason’s Union revolt brought the building of Stonehenge to a halt in 4637BC (NC).

Thankfully, not all bands in 2002 want to sign to Sony for an unrealistic advance that they’ll never recoup & blow it on an overpriced, over-rated producer in a very expensive studio making a very average LP two months before they were (in reality) ready to record their debut single.

No, thankfully: the independent label ist nict tot:


Purr was formed just over 12 months ago by David Tinkham & Tim Orchard in their hometown of Bath. They started out putting on bands at Moles Club as a way of enticing quality outfits to visit their town. During this time they’ve put on: Mikabomb, mclusky, Federation X, Martini Henry Rifles, The Stuck Ups, Ikara Colt, The Beatings & Milky Wimpshake, to name but 8. Forthcoming shows include: The Hentchmen, The Apes, The Paybacks & (subject to confirmation) Suicide!!!

Purr have released 5 x 45s:

Purr 001 – Intentions Of An Asteroid – “Follow The Moon”

Purr 002 – Moonkat – “Home Is Where The Hearth Is”

Purr 003 – J*R – “The Good Ship”

Purr 004 – Aqua Vista – “Go Feral”

Purr 005 – Intensions Of An Asteroid – “Clear Water Paranoia”

Forthcoming releases include: Gravy Train, The Customers, Kaito, Sammo Hung, Summerteeth & People With Eyes.

Purr – alternate Thursdays at Moles, 14 George St, Bath, BA1 2EN – contact –


Leeds based Wrath Records & Manchester based Valentine Records have joined forces to bring you a split 7” 45 featuring one signing from each label: Les Flames – “Wrong” (Valentine) & The Scaramanga Six – “You Die, You Die” (Wrath).

The Scaramanga Six preview their debut LP, “Strike! Up The Band”, with a mclusky-esque stroll through: “You Die, You Die”. Sibling frontmen, Paul & Steven Morricone, trade lines like punches over a powerful blend of Devo & The Stranglers. Threatening to break out all over.

Les Flames deal in the kind of spikey-topped riffage that wouldn’t sound out of place on “Damned Damned Damned”. They came, they trashed, they swore a bit: then they fucked off. If you think this bunch are another Northside: “You’re Fucking Wrong”. Excellent.


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Evan Halshaw – – Nov 2002
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