trakMARX Awards
trakMARX Awards
trakMARX Awards - 2002 R.I.P.

Fakers, shysters, lightweights & cunts. That was 2002, that was. A fistful of CDs & an armful of vinyl – that’s as good as it got.

Impostors, careerists, professionals & twats. That was 2002, that was. A gob full of platitudes & a pocketful of payola – that’s as good as it got.

Hype, questionable morals, other people’s ideas & bullshit. That was 2002, that was. A shelf full of industry awards & a bank account full of zeros – that’s as good as it got.

How was it for you, darling? Bored? Unimpressed? Asleep? The future’s so been done before we already own it. Repackage, re-evaluate, re-press & re-promote. Morrisey still hasn’t paid what he owes.

Disappointment & bitching aside, there were still a few gems glistening in the brown stuff: awards – the critical list.

Best UK Act: The Buff Medways
Best New UK Act: Reverend Pike
Best Worldwide Act: Major Matt Mason USA
Best New Worldwide Act: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Best 45: The Beatings – “Bad Feeling”
Best LP: The Buff Medways – “Steady The Buffs”
Best Compilation LP: “Hot Generation – 60s Punk From Down Under”
Best Re-issue: Rocket From The Tombs – “The Day The Earth Met Rocket From The Tombs”
Best Live Act: The Buff Medways
Best Rock & Roll Read: Richard Hell – “Hot & Cold”
Best Book (Fiction): James Ellroy – “The Cold 6000”
Best Book (Non-Fiction): Gary Mulholland – “This Is Uncool”
Best Film: MC5 – A True Testimonial
Best UK TV Show: Phoenix Nights
Cunt Of The Year: Liam Gallagher
Best Zine:
Best Label: Munster Records
Best Website:

The critical list was compiled in accordance with votes cast by trakMARX staff & contributors: Jean Encoule, Marquee Smith, Little Big Mouth, Guy Debored, Evan Halshaw, Nick Kuntz, Suburban Kid, Art Angry, The Katestar, Oami Salomy Maloney, Oliver J, Darren Scum, Jack Bukowski, Yanek Mochshitzski & The Hendersons (who will, obviously, all be there). - 2002

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