Suburban Kid
suburban kid - history from the back of the sofa
SUBURBAN KID Punk Rock Collectables.

Back again, it’s the incredible, memorabilia animal: Suburban Kid!

This issue’s collection of Punk Rock memorabilia includes Sid Vicious’ very own Ramones badge. That’s right, Suburban Kid was very close to Sid back in the day. He acquired the badge after an impromptu meeting with Sid on the landing of the Chelsea Hotel in NYC. Sid was covered in blood & kept mumbling on about John being really pissed off he wasn’t stopping in the Arsenal Hotel. Sid was trying to raise some quick cash to pay some bill or other & Suburban Kid scored the Ramones badge for the price of a bag of china white. The fact that the badge is now worth a staggering 15 grams of Mexican Poodle Brown on the world heroin exchange market is indicative of the ever increasing value of genuine Punk Rock memorabilia.

Other choice exhibits this issue include: Pretty Vacant badges, a very rare Pistols poster, an Eater flyer, a Damned badge & ooh so very much more.


pretty vacant badges
We're all going on a summer holiday...

Out Damned Spot
A damned badge.

Roxy Eater poster
Eater poster featuring a very sharp hat.

Rotton Razored
Very rare newspaper.

Mr George Ad
Rare Double Discorama advert

Pistols Poster
Pistols poster featuring shocking pink guitar.

New Wave News
An early issue of Smash Hits before it sold out to 'the man'.

Sid's Ramones badge
This is Sid's very own badge.

Rotton badge
A rotton badge.

Stiff Poster
A very stiff poster.

Vortex never recovered from featuring Jimmy Pursey's haircut.

contact - the needle & the damage done