Blag the Stash
Blag The Stash.

Either you lot are all fucking thick or the questions are too fucking hard. We only received one correct set of answers to last month’s Blag The Stash competition: Laura Powers of Nashville, USofA.

Laura wrote to say: “Hey, trakMARX. I just wanted to say FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK YYYYYOOOOOUUU. Only joking – I love”

Easy tiger. The intergalactic postman is on his way to Nashville as we speak laden with Souldad Brothers CDs, Boredoms CDs, trakMARX t-shirts, flyers & a very special limited edition collection (10 sleeves) of photocopied rare punk 45’s (1/1).

Impressed? Wanna score some too? This months questions are:

1/ What was the name of the festival featuring a live performance by The MC5 in England, 1972.

2/ Who produced The Modern Lovers first recordings?

3/ What record was allegedly spinning on the deck when Lester Bangs body was discovered?

4/ What was the last record Ian Curtis listened to the night he died?

5/ Which group included a credit for their drug dealer on their debut LP?

Answers on an electronic postcard to:

contact - the needle & the damage done