Christmas. The mellow smell of a freshly killed fox roasting slowly over an open fire. A bottle of Bolly, a box of expensive truffles, a high quality plastic carrier bag, an orange, a tin of cleaning fluid & S&M Opera on the Culture Channel. Mmmmmm.

Meanwhile, back at reality: welcome to The Ghost Of Xmas Past Issue (7) of trakMARX. In a packed joint tonight: The MC5 Film reviewed, The Snivelling Shits, The Dogtown Diaries, Major Matt Mason USA, The Vexed Pastels, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Label Big Ups: Purr & Wrath/Valentine, The Libertines, Suburban Kid, Yet Another Parade Of Dusty Old Record Sleeves & a few bits of other old shit we had left over on the cutting room floor.

Goodbye 2002: the year of the fake. Here’s to 2003: let’s make it genuine. Keep it surreal.

Don’t touch that smile. Peace & out.

Jean Encoule – – Nov 2002
contact - the needle & the damage done