parade dusty rekkidz
Issue 6 is proud to trumpet the return of A Parade of Dusty Old Record Sleeves. This issue highlights the vinyl selection of our glorious trakMARX commandant, Jean Aramis Encoule. These sleeves have been lovingly recreated in the trakMARX laboratory using tM Kolourtone fixative agents to provide stunning panoramic reproductions. Simply click to enlarge to the optimum 7" x 7" size and press print. Frame and hang to create the illusion you were there where it mattered at the time.

Kim Fowley come home, too late he's gone down the record mart.

A towering punk classic!.

Complete control, remember when they did this one on TOTP...

The Damned rescue a bad hair day.

In stunning colour!!!

da ramones
The sleeve that says it all.

The uncool rool.

The Roxy (London not NYC...)
Uncut punk, the bomb.

Uncut punk, the bombs.

stiv in the area dudes
Vibrators nicking someones shades. Ian? Graham? Ian? You decide.

contact - the needle & the damage done