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HARD! SOUL! Revue!
Hard Soul Revue - PR Poetry in Motion

Looking to seize upon a unique musical spirit of camaraderie and group participation, Dave Crider (Estrus Records mogul) and the DTs decided to host a touring roadshow featuring some hard-working bands with Soul sensibilities, thus, the Hard Soul Revue came into being; a Rock-n-Soul enclave in its first experimental stages. (Hard Soul is also a description of the Dts Sound: a head-on collision of dirty-R&B- and raw-soul-influenced hard rock. Disclaimer: This description of sound may or may not also apply to other bands involved with the HSR shows, but the underlying philosophy/mission is still there with all involved).

The first Revue, featuring The DTs, The HONKY METERS, and The MAKE-OUT CHOIR, will be rolling through the Northwest in October.

The dates are: Friday the 18th at the newly renovated Rendezvous Theater in Seattles Belltown, The following night, Saturday, October 19th at Bellinghams 3B Tavern, and the Piccadilly Pub in Vancouver, BC on Sunday the 20th. All nights will feature DJ A-Dog, spinning his own brand of solid gold wax before, in between sets, and after each show. Rumors are that there will be a B-B-Q wagon out front at the clubs, and some Solid-Soul dancers to boot! Hard Soul is not a spectator sport and as such everyone is highly encouraged to throw on their high-heeled sneakers and let their hair hang down! Shows will start at 10:00 PM; band order will alternate each night; cover will be $6 at the door in Seattle and Bellingham, $10 in Vancouver.

In the works: Future HSRs with the Immortal Lee County Killers, and Tim Kerrs Total Sound Group in both the Deep South and Texas as well as a Mid-West addition and Brazil in 2003.

For more info vist e-mail dts@estrus.com

Band Bios
The DTs deliver their version of inspired soul music - rooted in the essence of Otis, Janis, Ike & Tina, The Stones, Coltrane and The Who to mention but a few suffused with a hard-rocking rhythm intent on inspiring blissful abandon; Whatever! They fuckin rock dude, say many happy participants. The Dts are: Dave Crider (Mono Men, Watts, Wizards of Oz) on guitar, Diana Young-Blanchard (Madame X, Baba Rhum, Lucky Stiffs) vocals, and Phil Carter (Watts, Uncle Salty, The Dissonics) on drums.

Like the tag line from one of hollywoods cast of 1,000s epics: A BAND OVER 10 YEARS IN THE MAKING, The Dts was conceived in mind years ago, but in the flesh, November of 2001 approximately, when Dave and Diana finally got themselves in the same town at the same time after long musings about how they were going to get a band started one of these days. The two veteran musicians clicked, as they were sure they would, and were soon joined by Phil fill in Carter on skins... Viola! The Dts are born; fueled by equal parts inspiration and perspiration and combining a shared taste for dirty R&B, raw soul, and loud hard rock, Dave, Diana, and Phil are giving it all they got, layin it down and smackin yall upside the head with their own brand of down home high voltage hard soul, Dts style all the way! What? No bass you say? These three individuals deliver such a power-punch, only conformists know for sure...Dig?

The MAKE-OUT CHOIR is one of those bands that doesnt dance around the issues. Dave Bessenhoffer, the guitarist on the right, makes is one of those bands that doesnt dance around the issues. Dave Bessenhoffer, the guitarist on the right, makes it clear, Were not out to impress anyone but ourselves...if I leave the stage wanting to fuck myself, then its a success. Barely fitting on the average Seattle bar stage, this fully-loaded six shooters holding enough power-groove ammunition to assassinate the poser posse with one quick flick of the wrist. They shake the walls loose with mighty power, while somehow managing to stay true to the rhythm. The fuse on this rack of dynamite is fired off by the hit-it or quit-it vocals of one Lisa Seguin, who reins it all in with a one-two punch thats part Ex-Mrs. Ike Turners screamin wail and part Patsy Cline bedroom croon. Its not clear though, how theyre all going to get to the gigs outside of Seattle. But fear not: as soon as they can figure out how to fit a waterbed in a 63 Continental convertible, this suped-up soul group will be hitting the road faster than you can say, leave the lights on, honey!

Forget what youve heard about the HONKY METERS, because its all true, and its better for us if that shit dont get around, says Matt Johnston from the West Seattle pay phone he uses as an office. The band started three years ago in Johnstons basement, after he realized that there was unexploited potential for perpetrating a farce. The majority of the people who go to shows around here have no fucking clue who the Meters are. They think we wrote this wicked shit. The HONKY METERS confuse things further by playing only the Meters classics from the first three independently released albums because, that Cyril Neville shit sounds like Dr. John in dress, - and by occasionally mixing in an original tune thats written in the Meters style - but dont expect mirrored reflections of the Nola-funk classics, because most of the tunes are played at a blistering upbeat tempo that gives each song a whole new vibe. Everything is slower down there (the south) because its so fuckin hot, and theyre so fuckin drunk. Were just stripping off the Ripple. If you want to find the band at the gig, look for the smoke, as they are usually huddled around the barbecue grill they haul to each show. Johnston adds, we usually get pretty hungry, and the smoke masks the smell of the reefer. Its amazing how much you can get away with when you give the pigs some ribs.

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