The Datsuns
The Datsuns
The Datsuns.

Christian Datsun – Gtr, vox.
Dolf De Datsun – Bass, vox.
Matt Datsun – Drums, vox.
Phil Datsun – Gtr, vox.

dstsun poster fest part 1

New Zealand – not the first place that springs to mind when considering high-octane low-concept rock & roll – that don’t mean they don’t sell gtrs & amps & drums & shit. The Datsuns have been knocking their pipes out perfecting their particular brand of heads-down, no-nonsense, mindless boogie for the last 7 years (or so). Due to a world shortage in the kick arse monitor footrest stance department, The Datsuns find themselves elevated to the exalted position of yet another next big thing (yawn). The only trouble being: this time there could be something in it.

dstsun 2

Surfing in on the coat-tails of The Vines as nominees for this year’s band from down-under who may well record a decent debut LP without blowing it with tons of hippy drivel about dope, The Datsuns were recently the subjects of one of the biggest A&R(se) bidding wars since: (insert name of vastly over-rated tosspots). As much as we usually like to shoot these clowns down in a shower of shit, The Datsuns do what they say on the box: ROCK, like a mother fucker from hell (obviously). Said bidding war was eventually won by Virgin (who, as we all remember, have a corking record when it comes to defining the zeitgeist: the Sex Pistols, The Ruts?, The Skids??, Culture Club???? Fuck it. They had the biggest cheque book.), or to be more precise: V2.

dstsun 3

A cool million £’s later The Datsuns are laying down tracks for their debut V2 LP with top low-fi Toe Rag Liam Watson at RAK & Konk. The first fruit of these endeavours is new 45, “In Love”, a huge slab of (deep) purple sprouting marinaded in a Stooge-esque sauce with yards of fret-board action to go. We’re talking a couple of solos per gtr-ist per song (OK, so we exaggerate - a lot). B-side, “Supergyration”, comes from an earlier session in their homeland produced by the superbly monikered Sonic Newth & was previously available on the band’s own Hellsquad Records (Hellsquad 002 – Aug 2000). We say previously, of course, as due to the buckets of hype raining down on the band presently, their entire back catalogue (a handful of 7”s) is currently fetching upwards of £50 a pop (we’re open to offers for the office copy of “Lady”/”MF From Hell” – all serious bids to the usual hole).

dstsun 4

So, what’s it all about, Alfie? Check out our Dato-File analysis machines results:

1/The Datsuns sound ancient.

2/ The Datsuns sure as hell ain’t breaking any new ground.

3/ The Datsuns employ the Ramones patented surname manouvre.

4/ The Datsuns like a bit of 70s rock: AC/DC, Deep Purple.

5/ That, in itself, is no bad thing.

6/ Aw, c’mon mother-fucker, they ROCK.

7/ They don’t sing about: dope, bongs, mary-jane, dreams, dream interpretation or searching for nirvana.

8/ They do sing about: ladies, mother-fuckers, hell, lurv, ass-shaking & rock & roll.

dstsun 5

So – you like to shake your tail feathers & let that gut hang over those too tight hipsters. ROCK. You like to drive fast with the windows down through packed towns full of chicks walking the streets. ROCK. You like to grow your own hair. ROCK. You like Marshall amps & stacks. ROCK. Jack White is a wimp who sells his arse to Jeff Beck. ROCK. & FUCKING ROLL.

dstsun 6

The Datsuns LP is out very soon – buy it.

Evan Halshaw – – Sept 2002

Check it:

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