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AntiFolk is an attitude that has been cooking for some 15 years now, simmering in a cauldron on the Lower East Side of NYC. Ever since we first heard of it we’ve been waiting for the almost mythical compilation collections to appear. Major Matt Mason USA has been braising his over a medium grill for a while now – Rough Trade have been oven roasting theirs in a brick fired kiln for around 18 months.

Call It What You Want – This Is AntiFolk
Olive Juice/Inside Out Rechords
19 traks
cover art from Toby Goodshank & Jeff Lewis.

“AntiFolk is a 15 year old movement that stresses heart over technique, honesty over polish & process over product.” – Major Matt Mason USA.

1. American Anymen – “Operation”
2. Adam Green – “Mozzarella Swastikas”
3. Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend – “Bulletproof”
4. Schwervon – “Song For Weddings & Funerals”
5. Derek Richmond – “Honeycream Robots”
6. Paleface – “A Sound A Smell”
7. Laura Hoch – “My Town”
8. Major Matt Mason USA – “Animal Shelter”
9. Hyperjinx Tricycle – “Long Lost Love”
10.Kimya Dawson – “I’d Rather Go With Friends Than Alone”
11.Seth Ov Dufus – “Splatterday Night”
12.Prewar Yardsale – “Would Ed Wood”
13.Jeffrey Lewis – “So Long (I’m Gonna Go Draw All Alone In My Shack)”
14.Randi Russo – “The Speed Of Your Will”
15.Lach – “Egg”
16.Jude Kastle – “Great Jones”
17.Cockroach – “Fire Me Up”
18.John Kessel – “Lot To Learn”
19.Jack Medecine – “Calling On Deaf Ears”

AntiFolk Vol.1
Rough Trade
20 traks – Compiled by Adam & Kimya of Moldy Peaches
mastered by Major Matt Mason USA
artwork by Ami Avinoam –

1. Paleface – “Say What You Want”
2. Ish Marquez – “Gin Is Not My Friend”
3. Brian Piltin – “Tramp Star”
4. Jeffrey Lewis – “You Don’t Have To Be A Scientist To Do Experiments On Your Own Heart”
5. Prewar Yardsale – “Weird”
6. Stipplicon – “Stamp Your Name On It”
7. Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend – “Another Journey”
8. Diane Cluck – “Monte Carlo”
9. Lach – “Drinking Beers With Mom”
10.Jim Flynn – “Smokescreen A Capella Blues”
11.Grey Revel – “Gone Gone”
12.Dufus – “Wee Ma Moo”
13.Adam Green – “My Shadow Tags On Behind”
14.Patsy Grace - “Falling”
15.Brer Brian – “Harlem 99”
16.Turner Cody – “Unconcious Repeat”
17.Barry Bliss – “All I Really Want”
18.Major Matt Mason USA – “Rockstar”
19.Kimya Dawson – “I’m Fine”
20.Rick Shapiro – “Whitney Houston”

Both CD’s are available world wide from September 2002 in all good rekkid & CD stores. If y’re fed up to the gills with designer Punks in dime store threads trading third hand Tom Petty licks/breaks & moody sulks for awards & celebrity girlfriends then these could well be the compilations for you. 100% Guru free. Living in the shadows of the grand tradition of David Peel & The Lower East Side. Have a marijuana, anyone?

Marquee Smith – – Sept 2002
Call It What You Want – This Is AntiFolk:

AntiFolk Vol.1:
AntiFolk Vol.1:

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