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Dufus Made In Hope

Dufus have been spurting hope burnt sounds of lopsided beauty from the guts of NYC since 1997. A loosely based art collective revolving around 5 core members (gtrs, samplers, bass, drums, male & female vocals), their outer layer can comprise of up to 40 activists (some of whom are also members of Fun Wearing Underwear, The Dorkestra & The Doofamily). Some are dancers, some are choral singers, some are horn playas, some are orchestral performers & some are visual artists. Dufus have recently recruited a number of information specialists who put together info packages & projections for shows with the objective of opening up new channels of thought amongst their audience. Each Dufus show takes on a life of its own mutating & oscillating around the 5 core members.

Dufus mainman, Seth Quankmeyer Faergolzia, believes the world was created to communicate within & that creativity is the key to happiness & wellbeing & the abstract realm of the arts is the domain he has chosen to do his communicating. Musically, Seth & Dufus are on vague nodding terms with Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band & possibly au fait with The Mothers Of Invention, but in a totally contemporary fashion. Seths vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Joseph Arthur in places, but thankfully he suffers from none of the maudlin preoccupations that make Arthurs work so impenetrable. Seths vocals light the music of Dufus like a flaming torch.

Dufus have been releasing music & touring for over 5 years. They first visited the UK in 1997 they have played shows in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Yokohama, Northern California, The US East Coast & joined the Warped Tour USA in 2001. Their favourite NYC venues include: The Knitting Factory, Tonic, The Mercury Lounge, CBGBs, Arlenes Grocery, Cheetah, The Lions Den, The Sidewalk Caf, The Galapagos Art Space & Joes Pub.

The latest Dufus LP, the 14 trak 1:3:1, has just landed. Recorded by Mark Ospovat @ Emandee Studios, Brooklyn, its a gloriously weirder than thou collection eclectic, electric, eccentric & fun. Dufus are keeping it interesting when the general trend appears to be regression.

1:3:1 kicks off with the bonkers Pavement on amyl helium of dufus with its insistent call, you shuld nt fuk wit du systm. jahflooey keeps up the pressure with a chug-a-long strummer of sturdy under-carriage & lyrical dexterity the massed voices of the choir of the insane are cracking all around. Steel string burn, baby. The riotous Mor Grl Cops is a perfectly reasoned argument shaded with dangerous violins simpl solutuns fer stooped assholes if you want to save this world we need more girl cops erm, NOW. The pace is heady, the quality is steady & by now were more than ready for the lonesome back porch wail of heisman ball & its chiming timing rhyming suddenly it clicks - & it all falls into place. t mself features a fight between dirty gtrs & crazy skat vocals all wrapped in orchestral punctuation worthy of a demented Robert Kirby on laudanum. jocks carrying dildos exhibits Seths talent for putting his finger on a snappy title, deepr n lov tastes mildly Gaelic around the crust, makng go crazy & little bitta reggae introduce a slice of dubwise appreciation into the mix in the same kind of way Redondo Beach decorated Patti Smiths Horses every definitive NYC LP nods out to dub at some stage as the man says, a littl bitta reggae nevr hurt noone. fire wraps proceedings up with a guest appearance by The Bristol Hills Experimental Orchestra in a way only residents of NYC could appreciate & fully understand a haunting & evocative tribute in a unique & threatening style. Seth Faergolzia & Dufus are the eternal beating heart @ the very bottom of the NYC underground dont sleep on the subway.

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NYC, NY 10276
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