The Kills
The Kills
The Kills

VV – Vocals, gtr & other stuff.
Hotel – Vocals, gtr, viola, harmonica & drums.

We’ve got the looks, anyone got any talent to sell?

“Once you’ve realised the existence of this underground society you will be unable to disassociate its counterparts, or your own ability to control yourself” – so bloat the sleeve notes to the debut “Black Rooster E.P.” by The Kills, penned by one Kid Tsunami. Hey Kid, give us a wave – surf’s up!

Anything the USA can do we can do better. Go tell that to the stars, go tell that to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, go tell that to the White Stripes, go tell that to someone who gives a fuck. No bass playa, a drum machine – too many Rolling Stones rekkids? There is a cure - luckily it doesn’t involve Robert Smith.

It’s all blacked out identity, industrial strength eyeliner & early Pete Townsend haircuts round these parts. Hanging out @ Toe Rag, only NEEDING 8 trax, £3 gtrs, retro shellac hand-written labels, attention to detail over attention to content – jump a crooked style every crooked mile.

Before we press on any further – Jamie Hince used to be in Scarfo & VV is American – there, that didn’t hurt too much now, did it?

@ first, The Kills may appear to be jumping several bandwagons @ once – on reflection, this is a tad cruel. After all, minimalism is a broad church, isn’t it? Just because they sound a bit like Royal Trux trying to broaden their limited palette with compromise & deceit doesn’t mean they’re intrinsically bad people – does it?

The first 3 things they teach you @ Rock Art Skool:

1/ Never use yr. real name.
2/ The only monkey involved is the one on yr. back.
3/ Captain Beefheart covers are where it’s at.

From the mildly hip label (Domino – hey, you carnt knock their pizza – Pizza Monkey), past the tastefully distressed cover, all the way to the (strictly) ltd 10” vinyl artyfact – The Kills are leaving absolutely nothing to chance on the implied enigma front. In our experience, people who boast about being underground are best ignored - unless they’re miners, & we don’t know many of them anymore, right kids? (as in children of Maggie’s Right Riot Revolution, that is)

So, to recap, it’s say hello to the new minimalist blues underground, wave goodbye to sub Mega City Four fraggle-rock workouts & Transit vans.

Phew, rock & fuckin roll. Honestly, if it didn’t already exist you’d just HAVE to make it all up – wouldn’t you?

Guy Debored – – Sept 2002
Kills –

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