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SUBURBAN KID Punk Rock Collectables.

Suburban Kid are one of the UK's leading Sex Pistols & 1st Wave Punk Collectors. Below we are pleased to exhibit a small selection from their extensive collection for you to print off & pass off as originals (only joking, darling).

If you are interested in owning any of the memorabilia on show here, or anything else from the Suburban Kid stable, then contact


100 club
One of my favourites.

The Colusseum - not the one up Hillfields...
The Clash may have sold out quicker than New Labour but that Simonon boy could sure sling a mean bass.

Supersonic Damned
Very rare flyer for The Damned's Supersonic tv appearance.

El Paradise
Pistols in paradise.

Jamie Reid
Was Jamie Ried colour blind?

No Future
No Future? Hope I die before I get old. Condo for sale.

100 club
The perfect xmas prez for a Kensington bailiff (hey, Johnny watchers, he - urm - doesn't actually live here anymore - just in case you were thinking of camping outside).

The Roxy (London not NYC...)
Roxy, music.

contact - the needle & the damage done