Blag the Stash
Blag The Stash.

The response to Issue 5’s inaugural Blag The Stash competition kept our panel of genuinely unqualified judges busy for hours. The five lucky winners were:

Major Matt Mason USA – “I’m just so excited at winning. I can’t wait to score my swag stash. I can’t think too straight & its all trakMARX’s fault. Rock & Roll.”

Zach Mandeville (also US of A) – “The stuff is great. I listen to it a lot. It makes me feel good. Feeling good feels good, to me”. (incidentally, Cindy, Zach is AKA “The Boy Of Destiny & Eternal Fountain Of Knowledge” – no wonder he got all the fucking questions right!)

Buddy Dion (Rhyl) – “The Stuck Ups t-shirt was a bit small – I’m going to have to diet my fat arse some. The Crass CDs were brilliant. I’ve painted a massive A on the roof of our cottage & annexed Anglesey in the name of Vegans Against Shrimp Potting.”

John Beverly (Christchurch, NZ) – “Mate. Dead made up at winning, right enough. Ripper. The Blondie CDs are great, mate. I really rate the photo-copied rare punk 45 sleeves the best, though. I’ve cut them all out & stuck them on my kitchen wall. Do you think I should’ve got them framed?”

John Mellor (Somerset, UK) – “Yeah, can I get a message though? I just wanna say: let’s have some more music, alright? Thanks for the 101‘ers LP’s, by the way. I’ll wear the trakMARX t-shirt for all my decorating assignments from now on.”

How can you argue with that level of satisfaction? Blag The Stash is here to stay.

Anyway, onwards & upwards – this months questions are here:

1/ Which Australian band eventually became The New Race?

2/ Which 60s drummer auditioned for his job sporting a dyed ginger suit, dyed blonde/ginger hair, jet-black eyebrows & proceeded to trash the kit (not his own) in the process?

3/ Who is producing The Libertines debut LP?

4/ What was the title of the debut LP by The Fall?

5/ The Solarflares feature the drummer of which Kentish outfit?.

Answers on an electronic postcard to the usual hole:

contact - the needle & the damage done