When cells reproduce they are basically photocopying themselves - each copy being progressively worse than the one before. That’s the ageing process for you.

When R&R bands make a new LP, a similar process is in operation.

That’s the music industry for you.

We don’t care if they’ve got an LP in them yet or not. Get them in an expensive studio with an over-rated production team – now. Throw some money at them.

We only want to be loved, they croon. We only ever wanted to progress. Don’t you understand, you morons – we only ever wanted you to regress. Progression is for Radiohead fans.

Production techniques & state of the art effects pedals notwithstanding – what noise can you make with guitars, amplifiers & drums that you couldn’t make back in (let’s say) 1965?

The big wheel of fashion just keeps on turning - what goes around comes around – just pretend you’ve never heard of it before & keep taking the money.

Brothers & sisters, it takes 5 seconds to decide if you are part of this conspiracy. You have to ask yourselves: are you part of the seduction or are you part of the pollution?

Today’s cool is tomorrow’s cold.

Guy Debored – – Sept 2002

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