Hello, good evening & welcome.

Jump aboard the trakMARX bus, brothers & sisters – the next stop is nirvana (i.e. – heaven, not the over-rated plaid shirted moan merchants from Seattle).

The question you have to ask yourself is: is this déjà vu or have they used all these piss poor strap lines before? The answer is classified, the adverts are not.

And in a packed joint tonight:

An exclusive interview with editor of NY’s legendary Punk Magazine, Mr John Holmstrom.

A reprint of Lenny Kaye’s famous feature on the birth of US Garage Punk.

A mini exhibition of very rare Punk memorabilia brought to you exclusively - courtesy of Suburban Kid – The UK’s leading Punk memorabilia specialists.

More monitor rocking from down under with The Datsuns.

Invasion of the AntiFolk compilation LPs.

Interviews with two of the most exciting up & coming young bands in the UK right now: Moonkat & Reverend Pike.

The much trumpeted return of A Parade Of Dusty Old Record Sleeves.

Updates on several on-going projects including: The Damned, The MC5 & Metal Urbain.

Plus all the usual made up stuff, libellous bullshit, offensive stereotyping, cheap insults & off the cuff remarks.

What more could you want for fuck all?

Jean Aramis Encoule – – Sept 2002
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