The Wandering Step
The Wandering Step
The Wandering Step – Wild & Wandering

New in from Deltasonic, the label that brought you The Coral, Mountaineers, Danny Connors & The Zutons, comes the debut 7" 45 from Preston’s very own The Wandering Step.

"Right Now It’s Time For……The Wandering Step" is released on 9th of September & features 2 traks; "I Want To Go To Reykjavik" & "Shout & Shout Back".

If you’re a fan of shagged out practise amps, 1 speaker PA’s & dodgy Northern rehearsal rooms then The Wandering Step could well be the beat combo for you. Professing a love of The Modern Lovers, The Velvet Underground & The Ramones, The Wandering Step keep it short, sweet & decidedly beat.

"I Want To Go To Reykjavik" bounces in on a 4-stick count before establishing a precedent others may be challenged to follow. Stop/starts – hups – woohs - & gtrs that make you wanna drive by the stop-in shop with radio on. The Wandering Step are roadrunners & they wanna burn up the asphalt as they go.

"Shout & Shout Back" rumbles along an insistent riff in much the same manner. The gtrs are old enough to buy a drink @ any bar & the swagger is set to hit the red.

In "I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar", Jonathon Richman pointed out that in the first bar he went into things were kinda square but in the second bar things were laise fair. In the first bar things were rather droll & in the second bar things were rock & roll. The Wandering Step have secured their seat in the second bar – step up – it’s yr. round.

Guy Debored – trakMARX – July 2002
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