t shirt frenzy
t shirt 'interpretation'
www.trakMARX.com now has a strictly ltd number of masthead logo t-shirts available for the cautious yet discerning punter. Previously the fashion domain of the poor, the infamous & the blind – this exclusive offer is brought to you in association with Encoule-Vous Leisure International.

The shirts, made from 100% t-shirt material, come in fashionable black – size FFB. They also make handy makeshift tents should you ignore all sane advice & attend one of the many piss poor festival events plagued by rain this summer.

To score one of these highly desirable post-fashion accessories simply e-mail wastebin@trakMARX.com for all the fulfilment details you could wish for.

Priced - £9.99 inc P&P

contact wastebin@trakMARX.com trakMARX.com - the needle & the damage done