Alan Vega – Voice
Martin Rev – Electronics

In New York in 1971, a minimalist synth & vocal duo began operating under the moniker, Suicide. They were the first NYC outfit to actively use the word Punk to describe their particular brand of sonic terrorism: naming a performance at a New York art gallery, "A Punk Music Mass". Vocalist, Alan Vega, was prone to whipping the walls of venues with a bike chain during performances whilst keyboardist, Martin Rev, dragged unspeakable electronic noise from his machines. The sense of tension Suicide created, & their ability to confront their audience with naked aggression, was a crucial ingredient in the melting pot of Punk Rock’s evolution. Their debut LP, "Suicide", was eventually released on Marty Thau’s Red Star label in November 1977.

Side A

1/ Ghost Rider
2/ Rocket USA
3/ Cheree (original)
4/ Cheree (remix)
5/ Johny
6/ Girl

Side B

1/ Frankie Teardrop
2/ Che
3/ Keep Your Dreams

All songs written by Rev/Vega.
Recorded @ Ultima Studios, Blauvelt, NYC – 1977.
Produced by Craig Leon & Marty Thau.
Engineered by Larry Alexander.
Sleeve design by Timothy Jackson & Alan Vega.

The LP was digitally re-mastered @ Aligned Audio, NYC, in 1996. It is currently available as a double CD on Blast First Records including a set recorded live @ CBGB’s in 1977 plus the legendary "23 Minutes Over Brussels".

Jean Encoule – trakMARX – July 2002
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