Patti Smith
Dude. Dig.

the artwoods
If you go down to The Artwoods today you're in for a big surprise...

Guilty by association (this is from the time of the infamous album sleeve designers strike circa 1920).

The world famous Japanese Karoke bootleg.

Shite - a track I actually know - top rockin stuff, garage fans!

This one is on Polydor.

Love, featuring a very sharp jacket (or what?)!

Ahh, poor old The Remains - always being left behind.

More big concept Seeds sleeve artwork - seeds - greenhouse - remember it was a long time ago. But a top track!

Nice dust jacket. Dusty.

Another one on Decca, some of those haircuts look familiar.

The Sonics.

On hearing the first Donovan album they tragically changed their name to The Sandals.

The hot wax that inspired everyones favourite cool record label.

And this ones on EMI

Yet more of this obsure sixties crap that no ones ever heard of.

But this ones by The Who, who tragically are now either all dead or Pete Townsend or Roger Daltrey.

If this wasn't such a shite scan, this would be a cool pic of some very dude dudes.

contact - the needle & the damage done